Saturday, 27 February 2010

Shrove Tuesday and the Glories of Nutella

This has made my day!  I just checked analytics and flipped around it in a bit - I'm still learning what things mean etc.  In seeing what google searches led to my sight, it turns out that my soulmate (whoeever it is) search for "shrove tuesday and the glories of nutella".  What a specific, heartwarming, mouth watering search phrase? I am sorry for that person as I don't believe I have ever used those words and I doubt they stayed long, but please, do come back - I think we could be firm friends!

We didn't end up having Nutella on Shrove Tuesday, but I did last weekend.  Our trip to Vienna was in two parts, over the three days.  We spent Saturday and Monday in Vienna, with Sunday (incl. Sat night and early Monday morning) out in Edlach, staying with friends and their family.  Their hospitality was amazing and I can't remember the last time I've eaten so much food, and been offered it so often.  Desserts with every meal, choices of desserts with every meal.  One of the desserts was crepes with Nutella.  Or should that be, crepes with the glories of Nutella.

After being offered so much food and overwhelmed by the number of dessert and cake choices (that seemingly changed with each meal), I asked one of our hosts, Lizzie, if they usually had this many cakes.  Her response, dead pan, well serious - "oh, no.  Only on special occaisions, like if someone is coming over or it is the weekend."  In 5 meals (including two breakfasts), we were offered 6 different cakes/sweets.  I loved it, but I couldn't live it.

Oh, may I mention that these cakes and desserts we were offered in Edlach were in addition to the one at the coffee shop in Edlach or the several at the Viennese coffee houses in Vienna or the several blocks of chocolate we had in Vienna or the green hot chocolate in Edlach.  Yeah, it was a totally OTT indulgent weekend.  But I'll be back with picture soon.

In the meantime - happy happy Friday and go have yourselves a ripper weekend.  What is in store for it?

Updated - pics of just some of the sweets we had.  And the random chocolate flavours (Mandarin & mustard, hempseed & mocha, peanut & ketchup).


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  1. Should have got some of that fish chocolate.