Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shrove Tuesday - what to make

So tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Tuesday.  I'm heading to a friend's place after work for pancakes, which I'm really looking forward to.  Between now and then I've got to decide on a topping to prepare there.

Last year I stayed in with my housemates and we cooked up a feast, each contributing one sweet topping, so in all, we had to have at least three desserts that night.  It was a hardship I tell you, but we indulged in:
  • Raspberry sorbet crepes with a dark chocolate sauce
  • Vanilla bean ice-cream with hot toffee sauce (a thick fudgy sort*)
  • Blueberries, lemon and sugar
It was loads of fun, as it is rare all of us were home at the same time, let alone cooking together.  Jo has since moved out, to be replaced by Tash but life gets in the way and, up until a few hours ago, I was going to be the only one home.  As much as I like pancakes, I wasn't about to serve up a feast just for me.

In 2008, I was in the height of my poker phase - I loved texas holdem poker when it was social (not for money). I still do like it, I just don't get the opportunity to play it over here.  I hosted a pancakes and poker night at my place where again.  I made two batters (one thick and fluffy, one for crepes), had a few pans going and set all the sauces/toppings up buffet style.  They included lemon and sugar (can't go past them on crepes I don't think), fresh strawberry (slightly mashed, maybe a bit more than slightly if I remember correctly, with lemon and sugar), Nutella, fresh hot chocolate fudge sauce, ice creams and sprinkles.  It was a really good night, which was great given the people I invited were a mixed bunch (ie. not overly familiar with each other).

So this year, I'm wondering what topping I should I make? Will you be having pancakes tomorrow night?

* the easiest way to make toffee sauce (and what we did last year) was to melt down a few rolls of Werthers toffees, stiring in cream until we got the consistency we wanted.  It needs to be done right before serving though as it is quick to reset.  On contact with ice-cream, it stiffens a little and becomes chewy (and wickedly good). 

Chocolate Crepes with Cranberry Sauce
{3Liz4's flickr photos}

(As an aside, I know that Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent and has become synonymous with pancakes as it is a way to use up goods that would go off during the Lenten period.  But my cupboard is currently such that if I only used stuff I had, it would most likely be choc chips and hot mustard or something.  i.e. I don't have supplies that will cut it, so I'll be shopping for what I cook).

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  1. If I could hop on the next flight and be there for pancakes and crepes, I would! I LOVE crepes.