Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Smashing Wallpapers

What are you looking at? On your screen, when you aren't reading blogs? Or on facebook or emails or twitter. What is your desktop wallpaper? My January work one was this:

I change them reasonably often, and whilst I use my shots sometimes, I'm always seeking new ones. My January one from work was from Smashing magazine, who have a load of calendar styles for each month. Problem is, February is a lovely month, with love hearts and all sorts. I'm ok with love, and V day and what not, but I'm not sure I want my screens at work to shout it all out. Especially as I'm not in love. I'm not even in lust. Or crushing. So I don't exactly want to be sending a trillion love hearts to my greater working community. That said, if I did - I think this is my favourite one:

As it is, I'm using this one for now at work...

But might switch it out to this one...

So what pics do you use? Where do you get them from? How often do you change them up?  Tips welcome - I love change.

(oh, and as a postscript on "what are you looking at" - have you noitced today's Google Doodle?  Inspired by Norman Rockwell - I think it is my favourite yet)

(All pics from Smashing Magazine and the artists that create them for said mag).

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  1. Cool wallpapers! My work one is a picture of Melbourne. I like that for obvious reasons but also because when I am at clients' offices conducting demos on my laptop, and they see the picture on the big meeting room screen, it sometimes takes conversation to Melbourne.