Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thursday Thought Train

Ok, today I'm sharing with you some random thoughts and what nots so all aboard! I've got some random thoughts but from random thoughts come random questions and I'd love to hear what you have to say...

Today I look like a poodle. A ginger poodle. Not a good look for a dog, let alone a human (sorry all ginger poodle lovers out there). I don't know how many of you know I'm a red head but I am. And I pretty much always wear my hair straight, at least to work. Or tied back so much (like in a tight loop de loop) which means you can't see that my hair is not straight. It's the curly side of wavy, but not curls. It is worse when I go to sleep with it wet - as I did last night. And this morning my arms were just so dang sore from bootcamp last night that lifting them to straighten it just seemed unnessecary.  And it is too short to tie it back.  So yeah, ginger poodle unleashed at work. Do you like you hair al naturale or find yourself stylin it every morning?

Bootcamp last night was awesome. Seriously fun. For one reason or another there were this massive triple peaked 15 foot uncompacted dirt pile towards the edge of the common. You got to believe how we played worked out on that thing. In teams we ran relays meaning we went over it forwards, backwards, sidewards, blindfolded and like dominoes (actually, that time we were meant to go over all holding onto each other in a group, but it turned out more like dominoes).  We all got dirt everywhere. Seriously everywhere.  We were all alread caked in mud from sit ups and push ups and burpees and squats and what not for the first 45 minutes. I can't remember when I last laughed just so much during a workout. When was the last time you go play in big dirt piles? (I'm thinking I was about 10 last time I did!)

My group at bootcamp was broken into two teams. Thomas and Percy. I was the only person of the 16 that knew who Percy was. Do you know who Percy is? (Hot tip - there is a clue in the title of this post, but do tell if you would have known without this tip).

There is a print out of the New York Times Choc Chip Cookie recipe on our printer at work. It has been there since yesterday. Boss and I are monitoring the printer so we know who might be bringing us treats. Have you ever made those cookies? They look way complicated for choc chip cookies but sound good. These might have to figure in to my weekend plans. Weekend plans that were already sounding good may just have got a little bit better.

Every other time I open google in IE6 (at work - not my choice) I have to type in a security word because they're sorry... but my computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect their users, they can't process my request right now. It is odd but doable. The words are usually funny too - rackjism and tingl amongst others. Reminds me of a postcard I was sent to a friend from NYC (the postcard from NYC, not the friend). Cubism, Impressionism etc. (and yes, another post that mentions NYC - still lusting after a dose of the big apple). Do you reckon these are completely computer generated or is there someone there at GoogleHQ throwing the odd naughty or real world in amongst all the sjhjkdf auwyter bmneses type ones? I must say, I do like that I get to click on a "I'm Human" button multiple times a day. It is a nice reminder. Especially when I look like a ginger poodle.

IE6 doesn't let me comment on blogs - I'm not sure where the kink comes from it doesn't. But my home laptop does - when I get to turn it on (tonight) - then I'll be back sharing the love. What browsers do you guys use? Same at home and at work?

A typical Longhorn day!
{from i5prof's Flickr photostream}

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  1. Ah good old Thomas the Tank Engine. I wonder if they get that show in America? I can't remember which train Percy specifically is. I know Gordon is the other blue one. Is Percy the Green one?

    On more important subjects, I have admin rights over my PC at work, so I am using Google Chrome for all my surfing needs. It runs sooooo much faster than IE on this computer.

    I think the words are computer generated, but not just a series of random letters. I think there is some sort of algorithm to make pick combinations that sound like real words to make them easier to type in without thinking about it letter for letter. Good thought! Sounds like something I would think about.