Friday, 19 February 2010

A week in review

This is a random summary of the week I've had, with other random thoughts. A Friday brain stew if you will.  It is long, and wordy and largely uninteresting.  But I'm sure your weeks weren't.  At least I hope they didn't feel to long.  Let me know though, especially what movies have you seen lately (and if you liked them) and/or a random thought from your week?

  • I've eaten well this week. Maybe too well. We had delish pancakes on Tuesday night for pancake Tuesday then I had crepes this morning for breakfast. The restaurant here are work does crepes on Fridays only. So most of my team had them this morning at our weekly team breakfast. Lemon and sugar and cinammon apple for me (yes, altogether). They were as delicious as I was hoping. I like pancakes but I love crepes. Still, I don't normally have them twice in a week.

  • I ate well, for free last night. A friend of mine does these mystery shopper type assignments at restaurants where so our meals get reimbursed. There were specific instructions to follow, but as they included that we must order at least two courses each and allow our server to offer side dishes, 2nd drinks and desserts, it was no hardship. The meal was quite good, if not a little too much food. You could have rolled me home after. Would I go to the restaurant again? Maybe, but I wouldn't initiate it. The people he does it for aren't taking on any more mystery mealers right now where we are but I'll keep my eyes out. Free food, sure.

  • The sun is not setting until after 5pm now, and getting later all the time. I knew this would come and happen, but it doesn't lessen my joy at it happening. Now for those blissful few weeks over late June, early July where it's light until 10.30pm. English summers might not be hot but they sure are light.

  • I'm so glad Torah Bright won gold in the snowboard halfpipe. She's been working hard at that dream for a long time now, giving up a lot to achieve it. All the competitors in the field have, as well as those that didn't make it, but Torah - well, she's an Aussie and we don't win winter sports very often. She's the 4th Australian Winter Olympic gold medallist. Ever. The others were Stephen Bradbury (his win needs to be seen to be believed…being the last man standing is now widely known as "doing a bradbury" in Australia), Alicia Camplin (a little pocket rocket of a freestyler), Dale Begg-Smith (Canadian born slaloms, he got silver this time around) and Torah. It's a small group but it's growing.

  • I think people who are standing still have a sixth sense as to when I'm walking by and always walk on as I'm walking past or not.  Maybe.  Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

  • I saw Invictus during the week, with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. They both did such good jobs with the accent. It's a relatively easy accent to mock if you were just to say "I'm Sethh Effrican" but to do believably - I think they were pretty damn good. The movie itself - I liked it to. I like Rugby, especially at international level. For rugby playing nations, there really is national pride associated with it. The 1995 Cup is the first one I really remember.

  • My boss said the most wrong thing the other day.  It went like this..."Do you know what I've been fantasing about when it comes to bank structures and systems?".  No. I don't.  And I don't want to.  I don't especially want to hear any of your fantasies but I would like you to not fantasise about banks and works.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really like my role here and the work environment but none of my dreams or fantasies and in any way related to it.  I don't want them to be either.  Weird.

  • I saw Precious last weekend. Yeah, Mariah Carey is in it but only a small part. She's good, but Gabourey Sidibe, playing the title role, was amazing. She's in pretty much every scene. It's based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire which is, sadly, based on the story of a girl Sapphire encountered whilst she was teaching in Harlem. It's not really a pleasant story so it doesn't make for a feel good movie but it is a story that should be told, well told. It's confronting and at times scary. We all got so caught up in the movie that at one point, much of the audience screamed.

  • The Lovely Bones came out today in London town. I won't get to see it (what, with a crack of dawn departure for Vienna) but I am looking forward to seeing it when I get the chance. I read the book back in 2005 and was a bit mystified by it all. I remember the main story but not so much the finer details. I probably won't know what I've forgotten v what the book left out. I have heard that they have made the heaven scenes far more dramatic and pleasing on the eye than the book lends itself to. I hope they haven't gone all "what dreams may come" on us. Given Peter Jackson directed it and it was shot on the South Island of NZ, I don't think they would have - that is where some of the world's most stunning scenery is so they needn't tweak it too much.

  • I had a bad hair day the other day.  A really bad one. It was on Wednesday.  I normally shower at 7am but I knew my housemate wanted to shower then so I had to shower earlier or run late.  I woke up during the night, checked my phone, saw it was #:28, thought sweet, jumped in the shower.  Wondered why it was still so dark outside afterwards.  Checked my phone again.  Turns out what I read as 6:28am was really 3:28am.  I happily curled up in a ball and went back to sleep.  With freshly washed but not brused or dried hair.  So yeah, I might need pay more attention to details like the time and stuff.

  • Kings of Leon are playing a Hyde Park gig in June and I'm going. It's not cheap but I wasn't a gig I had to think twice about. I'm going and I can't wait!
So that was my week - how was yours?

*And yes, I seem to have been a bit movie orientated recently - I think it is the cold and dark. I hardly see any flicks in the summer.

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