Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A bad blogger…

Should I just write this month off?  Start afresh next month?  I’m leaning towards it. 

My weekend was wonderful – full of daffodils, friends, shopping, laughs, shopping, a peacock, walks and celebrations.

Saturday was mostly spent at a friends’ farewell and birthday bash.  My former housemate is returning to Melbourne with her boyfriend.  They fly out in a few weeks before spending 6 months making the return journey, beginning with the Annapurna circuit in Nepal. Other places they’re visiting include Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China (mainly western), Hong Kong and then Melbourne.  Their trip will be epic and whilst I’m supremely jealous, I’m so excited for them.  They are both delirious with delight for what is in front of them.

I was shopping for goodies for my niece and nephew on Friday night.  It’s my nephew’s birthday soon so I send them both back presents for it.  The birthday boy will get a bit more than his sister though.  Just.  Do you know how hard it was not to buy out one of everything in girls 2-3 at Baby Gap?  That stuff is so darned cute.  My nephew (turning five, wears 7) did well too but his stuff is now less “cute” and more “cool” I guess. 

I baked another recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery’s cookbook this weekend.  Lemon cupcakes (although I added white choc chips).  They were popular with my housemates, my colleagues and me :-)

My project 365 is still ticking along, although it is best when I take my camera with me – saves me from resorting to my phone for the snaps.  Shame this is what happened last week – so now we all have to wait for me to find my cord to upload the pics!

And now, I'm off to dinner at Jamie's Italian.  One of Jamie Oliver's lower key restaurants here in London.  I'm looking forward to it and shall report back.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Quintet of Quotes


All of these quotes (and many many many more) are available as cards from Quotable Cards.  I had a great time browsing their selection and trying to select my favourites to share with you all.  And for today, these are it.  Many of the cards (and bags and magnets and match boxes and other things) are all brightly coloured etc - I was just drawn to these ones. 

Which is your favourite of these?  Do you have a favourite quote or saying you return to time and time again?  Do tell, I’m always interested to hear.  And now, I’m off to practice being awesome (before celebrating with wine, of course!)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ten on a Tuesday

Ten on a Tuesday this week.  On an actual bona-fide TUESDAY!  A great set of questions this week, I've really enjoyed answering them. Some were tough though. I'd love to hear my friends thoughts on Number 3. Answered constructively of course. A lot of these questions reinforced what I already knew; I'm incredibly lucky and live a good life.

Thanks Erin for the questions, via Chelsea of course

1. When you were a senior in high school, what career did you think you’d choose? Did you? Why or why not?
I thought I would do something commerce related because those were the subjects I enjoyed the most and found the easiest/most interesting. I believe doing a uni Accounting subject in final year helped me get my job that lead me down the accounting path.

2. What one thing about the “real world” did you find most surprising once you were on your own?
I can't really remember. I had a gradual introduction to it I think. Probably the cost of running a car/buying boring groceries etc but I'm not sure. Maybe the importance of home being a refuge? (I had bad experiences with a housemate and was most unsettled for most of my first year out of home).

3. Name 3 things you think your closest friends DON’T like about you.
  1. My indecisiveness. If I make a decision, I'm pretty stubborn with it. But when I can't make a decision, I go round and round (and round) in circles.
  2. My location (those that are in Australia are forever asking when I'm coming home and just seemingly don't get I'm here for a while yet).
  3. My conservative/prudish streak. It isn't always obvious and I'm certainly not a prude but sometimes I let fears of what others might think/say get in the way when I really just need to let it go.

 4. In order to sleep, do you need background noise or absolute quiet?
Not overly fussed, I sleep pretty easy. I think it would depend on where I am though. When I used to live on a main road, I expected to hear the trams and cars etc so if I didn't, I might have thought something is up. When I would stay at the farm, I didn't expect to hear cars etc (my parents place is at the end of a dead end street, quite some distance from other places).

5. Why do you choose to reside in your current city? Yes, you have a choice
Because of the travel opportunities it affords me. I've a good job here that allows for travel which is handy with Europe on my doorstep. Even if Europe wasn't on its door step, London is a damn amazing city that offers so much, if you want to make the most of it. As for London over other English cities (Manchester had been in my thoughts a long time before I settled on moving to London ), it's because I had friends here which make the ride that much more enjoyable.

6. Are you close to your parents?
Yes. Very much so. I'm damn lucky to have such a good relationship with my step-mum. Not all my friends are so lucky. And Dad, well I'm a real Daddy's girl. And I think, because Dad was a single parent (from when I was aged 9 - 16 although he had loads of help from extended family and friends), we're pretty tight too. I think I sometimes tell him too much, more than he would like to know. Sorry Dad! 

7. What is your favourite fiction book? Poem? Blog?
Book is - so too hard to choose. See here post for my thoughts on various books.
Poem is a Robert Smith one
Blog - untold favourites. I love reading the Bloggess though. She never fails to crack me up.

8. Do you enjoy cooking or is it a chore?
I love baking. I'm on the fence with cooking. Sometimes I love it, but I get lazy when I'm just cooking for me. I get nervous when cooking for an audience. If people are coming over for tea (which I love when it happens), I worry that they won't like it etc and I always feel obliged to cook meat which means I can't taste/sample it. I think I should just suck it up and get on with it. I need some guinea pigs to come eat at mine, often, so I get over it. Or I need to live near Simon as I he will eat anything I cook and appreciate it. Good for the confidence is he.

9. Be honest. What one thing would (the majority of) your blog readers be shocked to find out about you?
I'm not sure. There isn't much I hide I don't think, and I'll answer any questions that come my way. I've shared with you my joy at silly things, my vainness about being a red head, my insecurities about my weight, my grief at a family passing, my fondness for baking. Maybe that whilst I cherish my life and independence in London and the ability to travel, I'd give it all up to be in love? (that secretly (or not so much), I think I'd quite like to be a stepford wife for a bit. (I'm glad my Nan was cremated because otherwise, she would absolutely be turning in her grave right now).

10. If you were given your own national holiday, what would you require people to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Day of You? Would there be a parade? Greeting cards?
Nutella crepes for breakfast, lunch and tea? Oh wait, that is Shrove Tuesday. Maybe it would all be about afternoon tea? A full spread, high tea style. Good coffee, champagne, great company etc. An excuse to all get together for a treat. No parade needed. No greeting cards, but paper invites for the afternoon tea sent snail mail maybe? Old school style my friends.


Monday, 22 March 2010

Project 365 – Week 11

Back on track this week, just sneaking these pics on Sunday. 

When I set out with this project, I though it would be tough but doable.  I guess it is, as I’m still doing it and it certainly is tough.  Really tough.  Hence the increasing amount of crappy night shots of things in my house.  I’m not sure how to get around this as I just don’t seem to “whip my camera out” during the day, and if I did, it would be of the sky over Canary Wharf.  I’m not sure how many times you really want to see that?  (you get to this week!).

Here are the pics
1. Sunday 14.03.2010.  Late night postcard writing on my bed.
2.  View from Westferry towards London city (taken on my phone as I left my camera at home.  With it being warm this day, we all had our sangas down by the water rather than at our desks.
3.  Chocolate cheesecake brownies with raspberry sauce.  Delicious.  Recipe to follow.
4.  Remnant of a bus ride home, a cheery Irish fellow gave me this and when I suggested he might like to keep it and that it was old, I was told it was a “collectors item”.  Bless him – he had certainly celebrated.
5.  Carnations were this week’s flower.  I used the flash which actually works here I think.  Gives it an oversaturated finish.  They are the hottest of pink carnations to begin with.
6.  My new super shiny sparkly silver slinky.  Best. Toy. Ever.  It normally lives at work but I’ve brought it home on occasion.  A far from clear pic but it was taken late, late, late after a big meal and some wine.  Maybe too much wine.
7.  Clapham Common.  As a fundraiser for Oxfam, the BMF trainers held a revenge session where we got to “train them”.  They got a workout alright.  It was a great spectacle (far better than any of my pics indicate!).

Daylight savings starts here next weekend so I’m hoping for better quality shots.  Something has got to give!!

Flickr Set, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Project 365 – Week 10

Another catchup post. Last week’s instalment of my project 365.  A mixed week – Spring has really sprung here and flowers and blue skies and delighting me.  Yet, I end up taking crappy interior shots late at night. 
Here is last week’s effort…which is your favourite?  Mine is Sunday – just because it makes me laugh, and has for a while, so I’m glad to have captured it.
Top to bottom: Sunday 7 March – Saturday 13 March
07.03.2010. General Lying in Hospital, London.  I’ve often seen this hospital and laughed, because if not for lying in, what do you do whilst you are a patient?
08.03.2010.  Tower of London.  A series of misfortunate incidents took me past it on my way to work on Monday. 
09.03.2010. Diaries belong to me and my housemate.  We were trying to coordinate for a dinner, which we successfully did.
10.03.2010. A local church
11.03.2010. My favourite lazy dinner is NCG soups.  As well as the standards, they have monthly and seasonal specials.
12.03.2010.  Snowdrops!!! They’re everywhere and I’m loving it.  Loving it so much!
13.03.2010.  Central Station, Antwerp.  The most impressive train station I’ve seen, inside and out.

Last weekend…Belgium

Last weekend we headed to Belgium, via France.  After an early morning ferry ride, we drove through a bit of France and over the border into Belgium.  First stop; Antwerp. 

A really cosmopolitan town, half a day was clearly never going to be long enough.  I’d love to go back there, but in the mean time, here are some of the sights:

(churches, train stations, main square, waffles, sunrise and fruit beer)  A good but long day. 

This weekend I’m staying local in and around London and taking it easy.  What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Twenty on a Thursday

So I’ve been so slack I haven’t even done the regular 10 on a Tuesday for the past two weeks.  Well here are my answers now.  Some random questions from Chelsea but lets go with them, shall we?

Last week…
1. Of your current hobbies, which would you choose to spend more time, money, and effort on? Why? 
More time on photography, I don't really have any others though. I don't really spend money on it though.  A £15 tripod last year and a $25US Flickr membership so I can upload but aside from that, it's a cheap hobby so far.

2. List the two other hobbies/habitual activies (not chores) besides the one listed above that you regularly do now and didn’t choose in question one. 
I guess maybe baking counts, now that I think of it?  Can't think of another.

3. Why are you spending time on the above two hobbies/habitual activies at all if you really wanted to spend your time on the first one you chose?  …or to put it another way, what are these two hobbies/habitual activities fulfilling that the first one doesn’t if you don’t want to put all your effort into the first hobby?
Balance.  I bake and take pics when I feel like it.  My heart/gut/intuition says to do both so I do.

4. Ready John 3:16 in the bible… In what way does this passage affect you?  What are your feelings towards these words, positively or negatively?
Strangely.  I can't think of this passage (and 3:17) without thinking of my highschool reverend, Rev Richards. She was a brilliant teacher as well as a Rev.  This is the one passage I've always remembered.  Sadly, she passed away soon after we learnt this one.  None of the subsequent Revs had the same impact on me.  On the words in the passage itself, I think positively off them.  

5. M&M’s: nuts, no nuts, or peanut butter? 
Peanut butter all the way.  We can't get the peanut butter ones in the UK or Australia (aside from speciality shops) but I do love them so.  Otherwise, I'm happy with nuts or plain, or a mix.  I dislike the cripsy though - rank rank rank.

6. Putting away the feeling of pride being a bad thing; what secretly/openly are you proud about yourself?
Proud of being independent.  I like solitude.  I have many friends that equate being by yourself (either single or physically out somewhere with no friends) with loneliness.  

7. Given one room in the house to do with what you want, not changing the actual size of the room and with all the money you would need, what would you do, and be specific?  (this can range from bouncy floor,walls & ceilings; to hard wood floor with wood panelling and purple ceiling with a chair; to nothing) 
Chandelier in my bedroom.  Chaise in the bay window. Wall mount the tele and frame around it, building it into the gallery wall I'm slowly working on.  Build built ins in the two alcoves that flank my bed.  Replace the mantel and switch the bed from double to super king.

8. What’s the next movie you’re going to see?  Not what you’d LIKE to GO see, but the next movie you realistically are going to watch. 
The Blind Side most likely.

9. Use the keyboard only and make your best smiley/funny/cool face –> like this! 8^) 

10. What makes you cry? What makes you pray? What makes you laugh?

Rolling my freaking ankle when I'm just getting into the fitness thing (seriously, yes, I cried.  It hurt.  And I'm disappointed).  Lots of things make me cry.  I cry laughing really easily too - more so than sad crying.

This week…

1. Quick! Zombies are coming!! What do you do?
Turn the tele off.

2. Whew, that was a close one. …I think your phone is ringing. Oh, it’s your best friend! She thinks she’s been bitten by a zombie. What advice do you give her?
Stop drinking.

3. You realize it’s time to leave your current location because it’s clearly not safe anymore. Are you going to move at night or day? Defend your reasoning.
Day.  Because once it is dark, I'm a home body.

4. During your relocation, you come across a weapon superstore. My, that’s convenient. What kind of weaponry do you choose?
A spear (NFI why, it is just what I thought off)  

5. As you leave, an old lady on the side of the street begs you to help her. Do you? Why or why not?
Help her.

6. Good choice, you’re clearly a good person to have around in a zombie apocalypse. Oh hey, there’s a wifi signal here! You can’t stay long but this is your chance to gather some intel on the current situation. What’s the first website you check?
Facebook - status updates, right.
7. SHH! What was that noise?!
Reality.  It is loud.

8. I think it’s time to get out of here. I hope you have a plan. Where are you going now?
To bed.

9. Wait a minute, that looks like a bite mark on your arm… You may be infected too! Will you tell other people?
Stop drinking.
10. How does this story end?
Painfully.  A painful story can only have one ending.

Heed the warnings

Hiya.  Apologies for the extended absences of late.  Life has been taking over whilst my laptop sits idly, collecting dust.  I’m planning on being back though.  I know, I know.  I said this last week.  But I think I might mean it now.  I like blogging regularly, and reading blogs regularly.  So I’m planning on doing both again.  Besides, I think I will have a bit more time on my hands, whilst I sit still doing not much.  Now that I didn’t heed the warnings and did my ankle in for a bit.

On to the point of this post.   Something you should know about me is I’m a pretty positive person.  Good things happen to those that allow it.  Sure, bad stuff to, but I believe in choosing your attitude, I really do.  Some of my most negative moments/reactions/behaviours have come from getting frustrated by negativity in others. 

So, I look for the best.  Which is good. Mostly.  Except when I ignore the signs and then bad things* happen.  So here is what I figured didn’t really matter, but maybe did:

  1. We had no milk so I couldn’t have my coffee first thing.
  2. I packed my clothes for boot camp straight this morning with the teensiest tinge of a hangover (more on that another time).
  3. I realised that when I had packed my stuff this morning, I didn’t pack a t-shirt, gloves or my headband.  This isn’t too bad, because it is warming up so I think I will stop wearing gloves soon.  And I had brought a long sleeve wicking top, I just normally wear a floppy jalopy tee on top.  The headband was the biggest doh!
  4. I fuzzy tongued myself during our 10.30 coffee run.  You know when you have something so hot your tongue feels fuzzy for sometime?  It doesn’t hurt, but I don’t like the feeling.
  5. Only when I got changed around 6pm I realised I hadn’t pack track pants or socks either. 
  6. So of the eight things I always have for boot camp (track pants, long sleeve wicking top, tee, socks, headband, gloves, sports bra and shoes), I had brought three –long sleeve top, sports bra and shoes. 
  7. Because I have gym gear at work I was able to improvise* so I went along anyway.
  8. I get to boot camp and I’m in bib number 13.  I don’t like odd numbers, aside from 25.  I know that is silly, but I don’t.  I even joked with my friends that look out – I’m number 13!
  9. We warm up.  We run.  I roll my ankle.

So, next time I forget 5 out of 8 things I need for boot camp, can’t get a good coffee and am given bib 13 – I’m out. Over.  Done.  I’m not doing it!

Any signs out there you have ignored?

* My ankle is fine.  Sore, tender, swollen and potentially bruising to come but this happens reasonably often and it is fine.  I’m icing and elevating it as I type.  I’ll stick to flats this week though I think. I realise that a sprained ankle is not really bad in the scheme of things, at all.  I’m more laughing at so many things going wrong, giving me signs not to go to boot camp and I went anyway! The involuntary rest could be good…

*Because we get dirty at boot camp, I always wear dark coloured old stuff.  Tonight, I wore pretty shiny indoor stuff which is normally reserved for the gym and walking and things that don’t involve rolling around in mud.

{Hugh Turvey/Gusto Images}

Friday, 12 March 2010

This weekend I am...

not doing the vacumming or the washing I need to do.  Or the filing or invoicing that keeps requiring my attention.  Or sorting out my photos as I quickly run out of room on my hard drives.  Or grocery shopping as I'm an now out of just about everything. 

Nope, not this weekend.

This weekend, I'm heading here...

If it isn't clear from the map where exactly I'm going, it is because I'm not clear where exactly I'm going.  This much I know - I'm going on a day trip with some friends and I've packed my passport and any lose Euros I have.  We're taking the sparrow's fart ferry (6.40am) from the White Cliffs of Dover to Calais and then driving/going/seeing/looking/stopping/eating in places and then coming home late at night.  I will be a really long day, but a brilliant one.  We did something similar last year, staying in France, heading around a load of villages and Sunday markets, stopping in at the war memorials in Dunkirk, lunching in Lille etc.

This time, I think Antwerp, Ghent (both Belgium) and Breda (the Netherlands) have all been spoken off but I'm not sure what the final plan is.  Someone is though - I have a friend that takes care of the details.  So, if we make it to Breda, we will have been to four countries on Saturday. If we don't, well, we will have been to three.   That, my friends and readers, is why I am living in London right now, and not Melbourne. 

Where you head?  Would you chase the cheese in France, chow down on chocolates in Belgium or stop to take in the tulips in the Netherlands?

Are you a fan of the unknown or do you like to be sure to know where to go?

PW's Toffee Coffee Bars

Sorry - been a busy week and I haven't made time to stop by and blog.  That, I'm pretty ok with, but I also haven't made time to read blogs - so my reader is looking off tap and I'm silent in the commenting world.  Will take some time but I'll catch it up, soon.

So, I finally made a recipe from the Pioneer Woman's site on the weekend.  The Coffee Toffee Slice she featured a few weeks back...

I'd been busted looking at the recipe whilst at my desk so a request had been put in for them.

My thoughts? It was good, but I think I needed to use a bit less coffee and a bit more flour - they were more fudge like and very coffee tasting.  I actually didn't take any in to work because I didn't think they were up to scratch.  On Monday my colleagues were gutted to hear this and insisted I bring them in anyway and let them be the judges.  Their judgement?  They didn't really stop to make one, they  were too busy wolfing them all down.

I'm torn between trying them again or moving on to the next recipe as there are so many more I want to try. What do you guys do in this situation?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Project 365 – Week 9

Another week along in this project. London has turned on the Spring weather which I am loving.  This week we have:

28 Feb 10 – Nelson’s column at Trafalgar Square
1 Mar 10 – A full moon
2 Mar 10 – A spring sky full of story book like clouds
3 Mar 10 – My piggy bank growing a Euro mohawk as I cleared my wallet
4 Mar 10 – A souvenir of my time in Istanbul last year – a tea light lantern
5 Mar 10 – The worst photo of the nastiest white (good night, but the wine and photography was not!)
6 Mar 10 – A skeletal tree at Clapham Common



Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five
Week Six

Week Seven
Week Eight

Flickr Set

Friday, 5 March 2010

Pieces of me - March

I did this back in February, inspired by Angela of Craving Cupcakes,  who was inspired by Notes from the Tooth Fairy.

This month....

I like: That the snow drops are out and spring is here.

I don't like: Overcrowded tube commutes (but I know they are just a small part of living in this metropolis and if I didn't deal with them, I wouldn't get to work which means I wouldn't get paid which means I would be in some sort of trouble and surely wouldn't be able to travel).

I want you to know: That I still do girly push ups for the most part but was able to do 30 on my toes when pushed on the weekend.  Hot Welsh fitness instructor (with a lovely accent) helped to motivate.  Bless him.  Progress my friends, progress! 

I’ve planned:  To attend a few quiz nights in the next few weeks.  I really pub trivia nights and the like.  Partly because I love general knowlegde and learning more, and partly because it is a good excuse to gather up your friends.  Rarely are they not fun. 

I want to say to someone special: Where are you? I'd love to meet you!
(me chilling out on a really cool swing in a Viennese playground)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lighting up my life

Many of the blogs I follow are home decor blogs.  Which is kind of silly really, as I don’t own my own home nor do I intend on purchasing one anytime soon.  Heck, I don’t even live with my own things – I rent fully furnished.  But maybe it is because of this that I like these blogs.  Like window shopping.  When the time comes, maybe I will really know what it is I want in my place.  Take lamps for example – I’ve really been drawn to lamps recently.

Here are some of the ones I’ve been drawn to:

From Anthropologie (I like the lamps, I’d switch the shades out for a jadeite green kind of colour:
The One Lump Or Two Table Lamp or the Sibley Floor Lamp

And then a more classic one, a Jielde Floor lamp.  My only issue here is choosing a colour!!  I love the bright pop of colour it can bring, but I might settle for something more neutral like water green or light gray.   
{pics from Caravan Style)

Or an all white Yves Lamp from Habitat? (which I can’t find a pic of!)
Or something like my current bedside lamp?

I think we can safely say after looking at this selection, that I have NFI what style I like and I seemingly like them all.  And don’t get me started on pendant lights and chandeliers.  It’s a good thing I don’t have to make up my mind anytime soon.

What colour Jielde lamp would you choose?  Or what is something that you can't help but dreaming off, despite really not needing it?

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Vienna and Edlach…the pics

Wow – Vienna.  One of my new favourite places.  Aside from the food (pics added to that post).  We spent two days in Vienna (which was not nearly enough) and a day out in the Rax mountains (Edlach an der Rax was the village we stayed in).

Aside from enjoying the Viennese coffee houses, we did two tours of the Vienna, wandered on foot and whiled away time at the Prater (fairgrounds).   Sights included the Opera House, St Stephens Cathedral, Schonbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, Karls Cathedral, the Anker Clock (at noon) and many others.
We were blessed with blue skies for some of the weekend, just seemingly not when I was taking any of my pics!

Sights of Vienna

The Prater features in Before Sunrise and has a famous ferris wheel.  There was no chance I wasn’t going there!  As you might expect for a fairground on  a Monday in the cold of winter, it wasn’t exactly pumping.  Pretty much everything other than the ferris wheel was closed, but that suited me. 

Publish PostPrater

Edlach was brilliant too.  I recommend staying with friends who’s families’ run guest houses. We spent Sunday morning walking along the top of the mountains (from right to left and back again – which might not look far, but if you check the photos below, you will see that the snow was beyond knee deep in places – so much fun!).

annotated DSC07255

And on the walk we took in the views, appreciated the cross, stopped to say hello, took in more views, got thigh deep in snow, jumped for joy, made snow angels and drank icicle juice.  I’m not a morning person but this was worth getting up early for!


And we spent the afternoon wandering around Edlach and it’s neighbouring town, Reichenau an der Rax.

Edlach & Reichenau

And that was the weekend that was.  (A really great weekend. I want to go back) more photos on flickr (and there are plenty).

(Also, I've noticed I doubled up on a pic in the Edlach collage.  Sorry. Incidentally, that is of our friend's gues t house).

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ten on a Tuesday – Twenty

Another Tuesday, another Ten.  I'm liking this week's questions but they do highlight my indecisiveness.  I think I just like a lot of things.  That's not a bad trait though, is it?

1. If you were given an hour to use a $200 Amazon gift card, what would you buy?
I-pod dock and a spare camera battery. I really want both of them right now.  I would probably spend the balance on books or music.

2. Are there any fairly common foods that you’ve never had?
I'm struggling to think of anything.  Hmmm…nope…can't think of anything…  Plantains maybe?  Are they common?  I've become more and more aware of them recently but never had them.  They look too much like bananas for me to try now.

3. What was your favourite way to use your imagination as a kid?
Look for shapes in the clouds.  I still do it most days (well, most days there are separated, differentiated clouds and not just a big gray/white cloud blanketing the sky which is actually a minority of days).

4. What’s your favourite state? Why?
Victoria, Australia.  There's no place like home.  It has ski slopes, beaches, great opens spaces and national parks, a brilliant city, amazing cafes (with superb coffee) my friends and my family.  I can't think of anything outside of that I really need, not long term (but no, I'm not moving home yet).

5. If it was our culture to have our parents choose our spouses, do you think yours would make a good choice?
No.  Not especially.  Not terrible, but not quite right.  Ok, yes, a good choice.  But not a great choice.  Although, if my culture was like this, I would have made sure to spend a lot more time educating them on who and what I do and don't like.

6. What’s your favourite herb?
Basil.  For pesto, and fresh in pasta maybe.  Not for panna cotta. Or in chocolate.  But savoury, with Italian dishes. Second would be mint.  For mojitos.  And cooking etc of course.

7. If you could have dinner with one celebrity, who would you choose?
Just one?  I like the question when you ask for six.  Way more wiggle room on that one.  So, just one?  Maybe…wow, ummm…Hugh Jackman.  Yes, he'll do nicely thank-you.  He comes across well in interviews - smart, funny, family guy and self-depreciating (but not overly so).  And if the conversation sucked, then he could either just take his top of and sit there looking good, or sing and dance from me (or both - I'm pretty easy about it all).  How can that dinner not be a good one?  Fail safe.

8. What’s your favourite Disney movie?
The Fox and the Hound.  Although I haven't watched it for many many years.

9. If you had to listen to the same song over and over for 24 hours, what song would you choose?
Can I listen to several on loop?  Not because I couldn't just listen to one for 24 hours but because there are several songs I could listen to on loop.  If I like a song, I do what other people call "play it to death" except they just never die for me.  If I have to only chose one, I'd say Private Universe by Crowded House.  It kind of wins because it has been a long long time favourite.  Other close contenders are Passenger (Powderfinger), These Days (Powderfinger), Forever Young (cover by Youth Group), Empire State of Mind Part II (Alicia Keys), London Still (the Waifs), Be Somebody (Kings of Leon), Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead), Feeling is Gone (The Panics), Amazing (Alex Lloyd), Tiny Dancer (Elton John), Nightswimming (REM).  I honestly think I would be happy listening to them on loop for 24 hours each.   (and yes, they’re all melancholy – that’s how I like most of my music)

10. How do you order your steak?
To not be served to me.  I'm a veggie.

What was your favourite way to use your imagination as a kid?  To tell...(that, or any other of the questions!)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Project 365 – Week Eight

Trying to get on top of things again and bring this baby right up to date.  Here are the pics from the last week.  Starts well in Austria, goes down hill in London.  Sorry folks.

21.02.2010.  Icicles atop the Rax mountain range in Austria.  It took a few attempts to hold steady for this but I’m happy with the end results.

22.02.2010.  Giant Ferris Wheel at the Prater, Vienna.  You better believe we rode this baby.  For the most part, it was a grey day but there were patches of blue too.

23.02.2010.  A photo of Hugh Turvey’s X-Ray work. I got this card at his exhibition last year.  Some of his images are amazing.  I love the colours of this one.

24.02.2010.  Look what I got!! Jill from Today I Saw draws a postcard a day and sends them to her readers.  She wouldn’t have known it but Brick Lane is one of my favourite food areas in London.

25.02.2010.  My dream car – a 1991 Nissan Figaro.  I love the styling of these little sweeties. The lapis grey is my favour colour but I’d happily drive the green one too!

26.02.2010.  Pretty lights on an ugly rail bridge near Elephant and Castle. My tube line was down so I had a longer walk home.  I like the colours in this.  Sadly, I couldn’t get the lighting right so you could see the setting of the bridge, just the colours.

27.02.2010.  Waiting for Godot was well worth waiting for.  Not only is the West End great for the number of shows you can see, but the theatres themselves are amazing.  I wish I could have taken pics inside the theatre but this was one of the prettiest yet!  The roof and chandelier were stunning. 

Favourite from this set?

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Project 365 – Week 7

Sorry for the delay.  I had a great weekend last weekend, in Vienne and der Rax but I didn’t find time to post the pics from the week.  Well, here they are:

14.02.2010.  Out rambling in Royston, Hertfordshire.  Was a grey and windy day but thankfully the rain stayed away.

15.02.2010.  Another week, another bunch of flowers.  This time multi coloured tulips.

16.02.2010.  Pancakes (with maple syrup, strawberries and ice-cream) for shrove Tuesday.

17.02.2010.  One of my bouncy balls.  It was right before bed time when I realised I hadn’t taken a photo yet.  This is taken lying on my back, looking through the bouncy ball to the light.  I don’t understand why it came our orange, but I like it.  It is NOT easy to hold the camera steady for this kind of shot!!

18.02.2010.  Frustratingly, I left my camera at home this day.  This pic is taken on my mobile.  I was out for dinner with friends in the West End.  I chose to take a pic of the Chicago sign as I saw it and loved it last October but didn’t get a pic then. 

19.02.2010.  My least favourite photo of the year thus far.  I did nothing this day, having to be up at 3.30am Saturday.  I was catching up on the Winter Olympic highlights over the net (but hooked up to the tele).  Torah was awesome!

20.02.2010.  Reflections in Haas Haus, Vienna, on the edge of Stephan Platz.  I took loads of photos this day but I like the reflections in this one.  This was a really modern building, in the middle of old town Vienna.

Fav pic from last week?  I think I like the tulips the most.  Bright and cheery.

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