Thursday, 18 March 2010

Heed the warnings

Hiya.  Apologies for the extended absences of late.  Life has been taking over whilst my laptop sits idly, collecting dust.  I’m planning on being back though.  I know, I know.  I said this last week.  But I think I might mean it now.  I like blogging regularly, and reading blogs regularly.  So I’m planning on doing both again.  Besides, I think I will have a bit more time on my hands, whilst I sit still doing not much.  Now that I didn’t heed the warnings and did my ankle in for a bit.

On to the point of this post.   Something you should know about me is I’m a pretty positive person.  Good things happen to those that allow it.  Sure, bad stuff to, but I believe in choosing your attitude, I really do.  Some of my most negative moments/reactions/behaviours have come from getting frustrated by negativity in others. 

So, I look for the best.  Which is good. Mostly.  Except when I ignore the signs and then bad things* happen.  So here is what I figured didn’t really matter, but maybe did:

  1. We had no milk so I couldn’t have my coffee first thing.
  2. I packed my clothes for boot camp straight this morning with the teensiest tinge of a hangover (more on that another time).
  3. I realised that when I had packed my stuff this morning, I didn’t pack a t-shirt, gloves or my headband.  This isn’t too bad, because it is warming up so I think I will stop wearing gloves soon.  And I had brought a long sleeve wicking top, I just normally wear a floppy jalopy tee on top.  The headband was the biggest doh!
  4. I fuzzy tongued myself during our 10.30 coffee run.  You know when you have something so hot your tongue feels fuzzy for sometime?  It doesn’t hurt, but I don’t like the feeling.
  5. Only when I got changed around 6pm I realised I hadn’t pack track pants or socks either. 
  6. So of the eight things I always have for boot camp (track pants, long sleeve wicking top, tee, socks, headband, gloves, sports bra and shoes), I had brought three –long sleeve top, sports bra and shoes. 
  7. Because I have gym gear at work I was able to improvise* so I went along anyway.
  8. I get to boot camp and I’m in bib number 13.  I don’t like odd numbers, aside from 25.  I know that is silly, but I don’t.  I even joked with my friends that look out – I’m number 13!
  9. We warm up.  We run.  I roll my ankle.

So, next time I forget 5 out of 8 things I need for boot camp, can’t get a good coffee and am given bib 13 – I’m out. Over.  Done.  I’m not doing it!

Any signs out there you have ignored?

* My ankle is fine.  Sore, tender, swollen and potentially bruising to come but this happens reasonably often and it is fine.  I’m icing and elevating it as I type.  I’ll stick to flats this week though I think. I realise that a sprained ankle is not really bad in the scheme of things, at all.  I’m more laughing at so many things going wrong, giving me signs not to go to boot camp and I went anyway! The involuntary rest could be good…

*Because we get dirty at boot camp, I always wear dark coloured old stuff.  Tonight, I wore pretty shiny indoor stuff which is normally reserved for the gym and walking and things that don’t involve rolling around in mud.

{Hugh Turvey/Gusto Images}

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  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle, but I know what you mean about the signs!