Friday, 5 March 2010

Pieces of me - March

I did this back in February, inspired by Angela of Craving Cupcakes,  who was inspired by Notes from the Tooth Fairy.

This month....

I like: That the snow drops are out and spring is here.

I don't like: Overcrowded tube commutes (but I know they are just a small part of living in this metropolis and if I didn't deal with them, I wouldn't get to work which means I wouldn't get paid which means I would be in some sort of trouble and surely wouldn't be able to travel).

I want you to know: That I still do girly push ups for the most part but was able to do 30 on my toes when pushed on the weekend.  Hot Welsh fitness instructor (with a lovely accent) helped to motivate.  Bless him.  Progress my friends, progress! 

I’ve planned:  To attend a few quiz nights in the next few weeks.  I really pub trivia nights and the like.  Partly because I love general knowlegde and learning more, and partly because it is a good excuse to gather up your friends.  Rarely are they not fun. 

I want to say to someone special: Where are you? I'd love to meet you!
(me chilling out on a really cool swing in a Viennese playground)

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  1. I too was fed up with overcrowded tube commutes. The good news is that there is something that can be done about it. Just move within walking distance to work!