Saturday, 20 March 2010

Project 365 – Week 10

Another catchup post. Last week’s instalment of my project 365.  A mixed week – Spring has really sprung here and flowers and blue skies and delighting me.  Yet, I end up taking crappy interior shots late at night. 
Here is last week’s effort…which is your favourite?  Mine is Sunday – just because it makes me laugh, and has for a while, so I’m glad to have captured it.
Top to bottom: Sunday 7 March – Saturday 13 March
07.03.2010. General Lying in Hospital, London.  I’ve often seen this hospital and laughed, because if not for lying in, what do you do whilst you are a patient?
08.03.2010.  Tower of London.  A series of misfortunate incidents took me past it on my way to work on Monday. 
09.03.2010. Diaries belong to me and my housemate.  We were trying to coordinate for a dinner, which we successfully did.
10.03.2010. A local church
11.03.2010. My favourite lazy dinner is NCG soups.  As well as the standards, they have monthly and seasonal specials.
12.03.2010.  Snowdrops!!! They’re everywhere and I’m loving it.  Loving it so much!
13.03.2010.  Central Station, Antwerp.  The most impressive train station I’ve seen, inside and out.

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