Friday, 12 March 2010

This weekend I am...

not doing the vacumming or the washing I need to do.  Or the filing or invoicing that keeps requiring my attention.  Or sorting out my photos as I quickly run out of room on my hard drives.  Or grocery shopping as I'm an now out of just about everything. 

Nope, not this weekend.

This weekend, I'm heading here...

If it isn't clear from the map where exactly I'm going, it is because I'm not clear where exactly I'm going.  This much I know - I'm going on a day trip with some friends and I've packed my passport and any lose Euros I have.  We're taking the sparrow's fart ferry (6.40am) from the White Cliffs of Dover to Calais and then driving/going/seeing/looking/stopping/eating in places and then coming home late at night.  I will be a really long day, but a brilliant one.  We did something similar last year, staying in France, heading around a load of villages and Sunday markets, stopping in at the war memorials in Dunkirk, lunching in Lille etc.

This time, I think Antwerp, Ghent (both Belgium) and Breda (the Netherlands) have all been spoken off but I'm not sure what the final plan is.  Someone is though - I have a friend that takes care of the details.  So, if we make it to Breda, we will have been to four countries on Saturday. If we don't, well, we will have been to three.   That, my friends and readers, is why I am living in London right now, and not Melbourne. 

Where you head?  Would you chase the cheese in France, chow down on chocolates in Belgium or stop to take in the tulips in the Netherlands?

Are you a fan of the unknown or do you like to be sure to know where to go?

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