Thursday, 18 March 2010

Twenty on a Thursday

So I’ve been so slack I haven’t even done the regular 10 on a Tuesday for the past two weeks.  Well here are my answers now.  Some random questions from Chelsea but lets go with them, shall we?

Last week…
1. Of your current hobbies, which would you choose to spend more time, money, and effort on? Why? 
More time on photography, I don't really have any others though. I don't really spend money on it though.  A £15 tripod last year and a $25US Flickr membership so I can upload but aside from that, it's a cheap hobby so far.

2. List the two other hobbies/habitual activies (not chores) besides the one listed above that you regularly do now and didn’t choose in question one. 
I guess maybe baking counts, now that I think of it?  Can't think of another.

3. Why are you spending time on the above two hobbies/habitual activies at all if you really wanted to spend your time on the first one you chose?  …or to put it another way, what are these two hobbies/habitual activities fulfilling that the first one doesn’t if you don’t want to put all your effort into the first hobby?
Balance.  I bake and take pics when I feel like it.  My heart/gut/intuition says to do both so I do.

4. Ready John 3:16 in the bible… In what way does this passage affect you?  What are your feelings towards these words, positively or negatively?
Strangely.  I can't think of this passage (and 3:17) without thinking of my highschool reverend, Rev Richards. She was a brilliant teacher as well as a Rev.  This is the one passage I've always remembered.  Sadly, she passed away soon after we learnt this one.  None of the subsequent Revs had the same impact on me.  On the words in the passage itself, I think positively off them.  

5. M&M’s: nuts, no nuts, or peanut butter? 
Peanut butter all the way.  We can't get the peanut butter ones in the UK or Australia (aside from speciality shops) but I do love them so.  Otherwise, I'm happy with nuts or plain, or a mix.  I dislike the cripsy though - rank rank rank.

6. Putting away the feeling of pride being a bad thing; what secretly/openly are you proud about yourself?
Proud of being independent.  I like solitude.  I have many friends that equate being by yourself (either single or physically out somewhere with no friends) with loneliness.  

7. Given one room in the house to do with what you want, not changing the actual size of the room and with all the money you would need, what would you do, and be specific?  (this can range from bouncy floor,walls & ceilings; to hard wood floor with wood panelling and purple ceiling with a chair; to nothing) 
Chandelier in my bedroom.  Chaise in the bay window. Wall mount the tele and frame around it, building it into the gallery wall I'm slowly working on.  Build built ins in the two alcoves that flank my bed.  Replace the mantel and switch the bed from double to super king.

8. What’s the next movie you’re going to see?  Not what you’d LIKE to GO see, but the next movie you realistically are going to watch. 
The Blind Side most likely.

9. Use the keyboard only and make your best smiley/funny/cool face –> like this! 8^) 

10. What makes you cry? What makes you pray? What makes you laugh?

Rolling my freaking ankle when I'm just getting into the fitness thing (seriously, yes, I cried.  It hurt.  And I'm disappointed).  Lots of things make me cry.  I cry laughing really easily too - more so than sad crying.

This week…

1. Quick! Zombies are coming!! What do you do?
Turn the tele off.

2. Whew, that was a close one. …I think your phone is ringing. Oh, it’s your best friend! She thinks she’s been bitten by a zombie. What advice do you give her?
Stop drinking.

3. You realize it’s time to leave your current location because it’s clearly not safe anymore. Are you going to move at night or day? Defend your reasoning.
Day.  Because once it is dark, I'm a home body.

4. During your relocation, you come across a weapon superstore. My, that’s convenient. What kind of weaponry do you choose?
A spear (NFI why, it is just what I thought off)  

5. As you leave, an old lady on the side of the street begs you to help her. Do you? Why or why not?
Help her.

6. Good choice, you’re clearly a good person to have around in a zombie apocalypse. Oh hey, there’s a wifi signal here! You can’t stay long but this is your chance to gather some intel on the current situation. What’s the first website you check?
Facebook - status updates, right.
7. SHH! What was that noise?!
Reality.  It is loud.

8. I think it’s time to get out of here. I hope you have a plan. Where are you going now?
To bed.

9. Wait a minute, that looks like a bite mark on your arm… You may be infected too! Will you tell other people?
Stop drinking.
10. How does this story end?
Painfully.  A painful story can only have one ending.

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