Friday, 9 April 2010

and into the next life…

I’m in a state of shock and sadness and disbelief.  My cousin, Tim, passed away last night after a motorcycle accident.  Tim was 30.  He had a full life in front of him and that it has been taken so soon is just tragic.  That he has been taken so soon after his father makes it so much harder, yet also comforting, for the family. He is survived by his wife, mum, two brothers, sister, extended families and so so many friends around the world.

He was and is a beautiful soul and in my grief, I’ve been remembering the good life he lived and the happy times.  Tim married his high school sweet heart in 1999 (yup, aged 20).  Together they have spent the last ten years travelling the world and living life with a sense of adventure that some may only dream about.  Photos only tell a fraction of the story, but here are some of my favourites of him…
7022_150985756664_830246664_2516578_3651349_n 18759_305133382428_667792428_4499348_7115979_n  Saringar boathouse tim and jem tim canoe tim climbing chimneys tim crack climbing tim goggless tim on rocks  tim skking tim swinging in canada tim tinkerbell   tim with izzy and chelli

Top to bottom:
1. In India
2. Dressed up and enjoying a music festival in country Victoria
3. With his wife, celebrating their 10 year anniversary in Vietnam
4. Another music festival, hanging out with his oldest brother
5. Dressed up and ready to lead sea canoeing trips with his wife in Canada
6. Climbing chimneys, because he can.
7. Crack climbing in the States
8. A moment of rest whilst tele skiing in Canada (Baldface)
9. More climbing, with wife and friends (yes, he lived life on the edge)
10.  Fresh fresh powder skiing.
11. Swinging in the Rockies
12.  Enjoying the festivities of the Burning Man Festival, Nevada (yes, he’s tinkerbell)
13. Skiing/snowboarding Europe with his brother and nephew.

These photos don't tell of how soft a soul he was and how he nursed and tended his Father in his last days or how he flew half way around the world on hearing of his fathers illness or his best friend's death last year.  They don't show just how good a person he was.  Nothing will, but we all know in our memories.

Love you and will forever miss you Timbo. x

{all photos are from Timbo’s facebook}


  1. Such sad news, a really lovely note that you've written Sue, hope you get through today ok x

  2. Sorry for your loss.
    From the pictures you posted, it looks like he lived a full and wonderfully adventurous life!