Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pieces of Me- April Edition

I did this back in February, inspired by Angela of Craving Cupcakes, who was inspired by Notes from the Tooth Fairy.  Then I went again in March.  And now it is April. 

This month....

I like: That twilight doesn't come until at least 90 minutes after I finish work.  And I finish work later than the average (6.30pm).  This is wonderful.

I don't like: Landlords that have stupid leases.  Seriously.  I have a been in my bonnet today and have been  listening to The Offspring’s SMASH album as it’s the best (peaceful and work appropriate) way for removing said bee from said bonnet.

I want you to know: That I really appreciate that I have a few readers.  Some are friends, some I don't know in real life.  But the comments and emails mean a lot to me.  So thank you.  You will have worked out this blog is full and random and who ha and maybe not much substance.  But it is a really good outlet for me and I enjoy it (and I will one day work out the line spacing!!! argh).

I’ve planned: To go and see the Ceremony of the Key at the Tower of London tonight.  I’ve know idea what it involves but I wrote off in January and pretty much just said any Thursday in April.  Tonight’s the night!  The website says this about it:
The Ceremony of the Keys is the traditional locking up of the Tower of London and has taken place on each and every night, without fail, for at least 700 years. The importance of securing this fortress for the night is still very relevant because, although the Monarch no longer resides at this royal palace, the Crown Jewels and many other valuables still do!

I want to say to someone special:  Happy birthday Simon from your sista.  He's turning the big 30 on the 30th.  Old boy! (see, siblings get older but the teasing never stops).

{Me kicking back and taking in the view of the Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye over Easter}


  1. O. M. G. Amazing photo!!!!!!

  2. I completely forgot about doing this again the past two months, haha!
    Gorgeous picture :)