Monday, 12 April 2010

Project 365 – week 12

Week 12 – 21 March 2010 through 27 March 2010.  The weekend shots bookend this group nicely I think.  The weekday shots are kind of meh and they show just how badly my sony handles low light situations.

21.03.201021.03.2010.  Willow reflections on the canal in Hertford.
22.03.2010.  An important sign at my local deli. When the deli is shut, this is the only sign that is lit.  In my mind, it show’s their priorities are right.23.03.2010
23.03.2010.  British high streets are littered with chicken shops.  I still chuckle when I go past this – a ripped off version of KFC.  There’s Dallas Fried Chicken too.

24.03.2010.  Last week’s carnations go on, joined by this week’s daffodils.  Notice twilight? This pic was taken at 7.48.  It’s getting better still.
25.03.2010.  A lazy dinner.  Egg on bagel for tea.
26.03.2010.  Brolly day.  Boo.

27.03.2010.  Spent the day shopping with a friend before taking a multitude of buses home. A quick walk through a park enroute presented me with daffodils in all their glory.  Spring is here!!

Your favourite this week? (Mine is the field of daffodils)
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  1. My favourite is also the field of daffodils... nice macro shot!