Thursday, 15 April 2010

Project 365 – Week 13

Week 13 – March 28th through April 3rd.  Please do let me know your favourite one.  For me, I think it is the cupcakes – not for the subject matter but for the reflection.  It was fun to play around with these and the camera.

28.03.2010.  The local resident peacock at Holland Park (and a little squirrel).  I love the colours of peacocks and in this environment (all brown) the tail really stood out.  Would have been majestic if it was raised but it wasn’t to be.
29.03.2010.  Lemon cupcakes – I tried to make the most of the reflective tin and was really happy with the results.
30.03.2010.  My new toy.  Sadly, at the time of writing – everything was still in its box.  Soon it shall be set up.  Soon.
31.03.2010.  An older fashioned postcard from home.  Which I still chuckle at.  And yes, maybe I do!!
01.04.2010.  Edinburgh Castle, late at night as I arrived at my hostel.
02.04.2010.  Castle ruins in St Andrews, Scotland.
03.04.2010.  Ruthven Barracks, Scotland.  These were British Army barracks but after the Jacobites were defeated by said British Army, they retreated here and blew the roof of so they would no longer be of use.
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  1. My favourite is the peacock. I can't say I've seen one since leaving New Zealand so am going to have to get myself down to Holland Park and hunt this fella out.

  2. My sister and I were in a store today looking at the series of cards in the 4th picture. A few of those would fit perfectly in my life! :)

  3. My favourite is also the peacock. I really must make it to Holland Park some time.