Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Project 365 – Week 14

April 4th – April 10th.

The week started in Scotland on the Isle of Skye and ended up with a 12 mile walk in NE London. In between was a bit of this and a bit of that.  What is your favourite this or that from below?


1.  4th April 2010.  View over the water in Kyleakin, Isle of Skye.
2. 5th April 2010.  Glencoe, Scotland
3. 6th April 2010.  A lazy indoor shot.  My passport – the best travelling companion.
4. 7th April 2010.  The bandstand at Clapham Common.  I often go past this during a BMF class but never with my camera.  Due to problems with the Northern line on Wednesday, we took a detour so I got to snap it enroute.
5. 8th April 2010.  The Monument.  London.  Maybe one day I will climb it?
6. 9th April 2010.  The sky above Canary Wharf tube station.  Not the perfect shot but the clear roof is only over the escalators so time to line everything up is very tight.  Maybe another time, I'll do better.
7. 10th April 2010.  Woodlands in Trent Park, London.  There was a real green light about as we tramped through them at the beginning of a 12 mile walk but I didn’t really capture it.


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  1. I think the Isle of Skye would have to be a clear favourite. What amazing scenery. Love that place. Though there is something I like about the one of your passport. Sure, it may be a lazy indoor shot but it sure is your prize companion!