Thursday, 29 April 2010

Seven things…

Stay with me here…these are random.  The downside of keeping your thoughts to yourself for a while is that there is a lot of randomness that comes out when you open up again.  And I will be opening up again properly soon, but for now I'm going to share with you seven things.  The reason for this is because Angela (Craving Cupcakes) thinks I'm a beautiful blogger.  And I will do anything for people that think I'm beautiful (ok, not really, but some things, if they appeal and I feel like it an all that).  She’s tagged me in the Beautiful Blogger meme that is currently going around…

1.  I had the best dream the other night and it's made me want to get out and see more of the UK.  In it, I was zipping all over the country in an original mini (British racing green of course) with a friend, stopping to take in views, climb mountains, swim in streams, eat cream teas, have beers by the fire etc.  It was a magical dream and there is so much about it I wish would come true.  It left me on a high that day, and I'm still a little bit giddy from it.  A wonderful natural high.

2.  It is a long weekend in England this weekend.  And I'm doing the unthinkable.  I'm S.T.A.Y.I.N.G. I.N. L.O.N.D.O.N. for a long weekend.  You would think I'm doing something seriously illegal or certifiable the way my friends react to this news.  They're all heading off - mostly to Amsterdam for the Queens Day weekend (big street parties in the 'dam this weekend) or to fun parks and forests north of here.  It isn't that I couldn't go away if I wanted to, I've had offers, I've got some cash.  I just had a gut feel around January that I'd didn't want to/wasn't going to.  I've got the use of a mates car (whilst he's in the 'dam) and might do some day trips or maybe just head to Ikea.  Who knows?  What I do know is I'm excited to have 3 unplanned free fun days in London.  I think it is exactly what I need.  That, and for my mates to stop trying to talk me in to going to Amsterdam (seriously - I said no when flights were £130, why would I now pay £300?  I've been henpecked about it every day since I started this contract).

3.  I had an unceremoniously large week last week.  Ridiculously and disgracefully large.  And I wasn't the worst, not by a long shot.  A combination of a weekend away, a night out with friends, farewell drinks for a colleague, a friend of a friend over from Australia, a mates birthday and what not.  Large.  Drinks were drunk; shots were shot; cake was eaten; Cubans were smoked; tears were cried and wiped, pool and darts and jukeboxes and Barry machines were played, laughs and hugs and kisses and arguments were had; dance floors, tables and chairs were danced on; tables were fallen off; toes were broken; teeth were chipped; cuts, bruises and scratches were acquired.  And my head hurt bad at the end of it. Really bad. I don't want another champagne, lager, cider, white wine, Bacardi & coke, pimms, gin & tonic, mohijto, JD& coke, ale, sambucca, tequila, Jaeger, jelly shot, vodka or whisky any time soon.  Any one of those nights would have been quite the night.  So many, so close together - well, we're not 18 any more and didn't we know it afterwards!

4.  Despite the debauchery and messiness of last week, I kind of enjoyed it.  As a one off stand alone string of events.  I'd been pretty meh for a bit and some all night dancing at a bar with friends was good good fun.  I just think there is some balance that we missed last week.  Oh, and me - I've got some cuts from falling of a table but the broken toe and chipped teeth do not belong to me (thankfully!).

5.  I really like live music but I'm a bit of a bad luck charm currently.  Of the 4 most recent/soonest gigs I've had tickets to, two have been cancelled, one postponed and one I couldn't make it to.  Elton John's concert last December was cancelled because he was sick.  Paolo Ntuni's gig at Royal Albert Hall was the same day I found out about Timbo and was in no mood to be out, let alone listening to sad songs.  Powderfinger's April 22nd gig was postponed because they couldn't get here due to the ash cloud (good news though - they'll be here in June).  Grinspoon's May gig has been cancelled as it clashes with some festival bookings they've taken in Australia.  Yeah, I'm a bad luck charm but I think the tide is turning.  It better be - I've got some good gigs coming up this summer.

6.  I don't have as many friends in London as I do in Melbourne.  I don't have any family in London like I do in Melbourne.  But those friends I do have here? They're gold.  Human gold.  They've been magical this past little while when I haven't been, and have really needed them.  And the circle of human gold seems to be getting bigger.  This is wonderful news.

7.  Girls are actually braver than boys, in case you are wondering.  I've have anecdotal evidence for another time too.  It's not that I don't think you all don't already know this, I think it is just important sometimes, if you are feeling a little helpless or doubting or what not that we are damn strong people if we want to be (and are not scared of water being too cold like some boys are- true story!).

I'm also meant to tag 7 bloggers, but I'm not sure who to tag.  I think anyone that wants to play along should.  Most of the blogs I follow are decor, cooking or travel related so I'm not sure if the theme fits.  Still

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