Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pieces of Me – May Edition

It feels like only yesterday I was doing the April edition of this, and now it’s May already.  Time flies when your having fun.  Time flies when your not, too (but mostly I am).

This month....

I like: That April has gone.  Not wishing my life away and whilst I had some amazing moments, the lows were the lowest lows of my life.

I don't like: thinking about what I don’t like.  Or overanalysing things.  Or how trying to stop overanalysing things makes me think about them more.  Deep (well as deep as I get on this blog). 

I want you to know: That I’m going to walk around in my bra and a tutu for a casual 26.2 miles, starting midnight May 15th.  It’s the done thing.  Ok, it isn’t really, but it is for a really good cause (more details here – I’m not asking for sponsorship (my RL friends and fam have been hassled for that!) but there are links to pics and all sorts.).

I’ve planned: To walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks next weekend.  A 25mile round walk up and down three “mountains” (by this country’s standard).

I want to say to someone special:  Hi there ;-)

{no pic this month}

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