Friday, 21 May 2010

Project 365 – Week 16

Rolling on, I spent the next week in and around London.  As the days have been getting longer, I’ve been walking a good proportion of my commute home.  Being in London, this means walking passed many a tourist sight or icon – and I’m only too happy to share them with you…

Without further adieu – I present to you April 18 – April 24th, in order as:

  • 18 April – Our little B&B in Betws-y-Coed, Wales – the Coed-y-fron
  • 19 April – Walking home via Big Ben (healthy start to the week)
  • 20 April – Walking the same way home (over Westminster Bridge) – London has some really fabulous lamp posts.  England too – I always seem drawn to them.
  • 21 April – hmm, not sure what to say here – the photo is blurry as are my memories.  A big night at a work event – far too much of this was consumed (and can I be honest?  it’s nice, but I don’t think it would make my top 5 bubbles – their branding guys have certainly done well).
  • 22 April – paying for the sins the night before, lunch was a smoothie in the sunshine.  It made me feel better.  Until I got back inside.
  • 23 April – Light at the end of the tunnel.  I take a driverless light rail to work in the mornings and I’ve always thought it would make a good pic.  Turns out you’d need a faster shutter speed as they rock about a bit and it was hard to hold steady.  So, whilst a fail photo skills wise, meaning wise it was a win – there was light, and the tunnel was ending.
  • 24 April – Bluebells galore in the gardens near here.   I love the timeline of Spring – snowdrops, daffs, bluebells then tulips.  They all overlap each other but not by much.

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  1. I think the investment in your new camera is paying off. These photos look great. The one of the Westminster Clock is awesome!

  2. Thanks (although these all predate the new camera)