Thursday, 27 May 2010

Project 365 – Week 17

The last week of April, the last week of the first third of the year.  Time has been flying by and apologies for just how tardy I’ve been in blogging these pics.

I stayed in and around London this week, including on the long weekend!!  My favourite is easily 1 May 2010.  The pics are:

26 April – my work building.  I sit on the 8th floor, to the very left of the it.

27 April – Brick Lane. A street in London known for it’s curry houses.  I’m not sure they’re the best London has to offer but it is yum and I always enjoy a night out.  Most of the restaurants have spruikers so you can get your wine, papadams, starter etc free.  If you can’t, keep going until you do!27.04.2010

28 April – the London Eye from the south bank.

29 April – a cool church I walked passed on the way home. I don’t know it’s denomination – I’ll have to go that route again!

30 April – My brother’s birthday and the only pic I took was of a lamp post because the logo kind of reminded me of Chanel. My lamest pic to date I think.

1 May 2010 – cruising in Primrose (my housemate’s combi) down the street.  She was heading to the coast, I was getting a lift to a neighbouring suburb.01.05.2010

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  1. The Brick Lane photo turned out really well!

    And I love what you did with the Combi photo!