Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ten on a Tuesday - 29

Whilst I'm on a roll, let's go for three from three shall we?  Or free for free for those Aussies reading along at home.  This weeks questions are from Chelsea.  No via, she and her bump came up with them.  Here goes...

1. Do you prefer markers, crayons, or coloured pencils?
I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils so that I guess?  Any colour work I’ve done recently has been with fine liners though. 

2. As a child, how did your parents celebrate your birthday? (Parties, cake, you pick the dinner, etc.)
Family dinner on the day.  Party with school friends too.  Usually at home but sometimes roller-skating etc.

3. How do you feel about leggings?
They’re an undergarment.  They’re not to be worn in place of pants.

4. How do you prefer to follow directions? With a map? Words?
Map.  Pictures and me, well, we get on.

5. What do you eat for snack?
Olives.  I’m addicted to them at the moment.  And ginger oatcakes.  Yum.  Oh, and granny smiths – I get a bag on a Monday and eat them as I get bored at work.  I would eat chocolate, but I’m too lazy to walk to the cafe and get some you see?

6. Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought any As Seen on TV products?
No, and the pedi-egg isn’t about to get me started.  Sorry.

7. What’s your favourite thing about summer?
Sunshine.  I feel like I can achieve anything and be anyone when the sun is shining. It’s such a freeing feeling.

8. Do you have a tattoo? What and where is it?
Nope.  No plans to.  Not for me, thanks.

9. Are you good at journaling?
I use the Keel’s simple diary.  Maybe it’s cheating, but it works for me. 

10. What’s your favourite way to eat a hamburger?
With hands, outside at a bbq.


  1. I'm not a fan of olives at all! When we used to walk past the olive section at the grocery store, I would make a big deal about holding my breath because I couldn't stand the smell.

  2. I love how you changed the spelling of my questions to un-Americanize it!

    I hate olives. Ugh!

    I've actually heard the ped-egg is awesome. I don't plan to try it.. I'm just passing on the facts.

  3. 3. How do you feel about leggings?
    They’re an undergarment. They’re not to be worn in place of pants.

    Fully agree!!!

  4. Haha - olives are a funny one - I hated them, really hated them (and extra virgin olive oil) and then last year I tried some marinated ones (which I'm sure I'd tried before) and now I just can't get enough.

    Oh, and the spelling - I didn't even think about it - that would have been me mindlessly accepting the spellchecker's suggestions.