Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Today I saw – today you draw…

It’s been mentioned that I exchange post cards quite often with one of my friends back home.  At the rate of about a card a week, give or take.  It’s delightful to come home from work and find a card – for whatever sweet or sour message is written on it and whatever sweet or sour picture is on the front.

Another postcard writer I’ve been lucky enough to receive a card from is Jill, from Today I Saw.  She has been drawing a picture each day for the last year of something she’d seen and sending them off to people the world over.  If you haven’t seen her blog, it is worth checking it out.  Her pictures are delightful (and I love that she often highlights the simple pleasures).

This year long project finishes on June 4.  To celebrate, she’s having a postcard swap where readers can draw what they saw.  If you want to participate (and I strongly recommend you do), head on over and sign up

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