Monday, 24 May 2010

Weekend gone

IMG_0215The pic above caputres my Saturday pretty darn well.  Gorgeous sunshine, not a care nor a cloud in sight.  I picked my cousin up from Peterborough and together we headed to "The NORTH".  Got us wondering though, where in England does the North start?  I may have to look into this as the road signs aren't overly specific.

A lazy lovely lunch by the canal in Leeds and then some chat time with the grandparents. Man, they are old.  Both are closer to 100 than 90.  Not sure if I ever want to be that old.  It was the first time I'd seen them since Timbo passed on, and the first time Chelli had seen them since his Dad and Timbo had passed on. 

Their lounge is littered with family photos etc, and this one I really liked... It is from their Golden Wedding anniversary celebrations, Boxing Day 1989.  They came out to Australia for a couple of months that year.  I'm sure we got some more group shots when they came back in 1991 but I still think it would be one of the last of all of us (my Mum passed away not unexpectedly in 1991, 10 days after they returned to England).
L-R (front and back) are: my bro Simon (F), cuz Jem (B), cuz Timbo(F), cuz Chelli(B), Grandma(F), Dad(B), Granddad(F), Mum(F), Aunty Gabs(B), me(F), Uncle Dave(B), cuz Beth(F).   We were such a fashionable bunch back then, hey? White Christmas teddies are the ultimate accessorry to any outfit!

Sunday was spent painting an elephant piggy bank and basking in the sunshine in Greenwich.  If you're ever in London on a sunny day, it is a beautiful place to be.  How were your weekends?  

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  1. When I read that you picked your cousin up in Peterborough, I thought I was reading the wrong blog! Up until now, the only Peterborough I knew of is in Ontario.
    Anyway, I loved seeing the picture from Boxing Day! You were so little! :)