Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday Flutterfies

A pretty darn good to-do list I think.  I should add "get through work" to it but soon it will be the weekend and I will be making sure I check these items of my list.  What's on your to do list this weekend?

It's a bittersweet day today. 

I'm off to see Powderfinger tonight at the Brixton Academy (a great London music venue).  They're an Australian rock band I've grown up to and if I was pushed to name a favourite band, they'd be it.  Actually, no pushing needed, they're it hands down. It was their Double Allergic album I spent my first ever pay check on.  It was (and is) their songs I loved and laughed and cried and rocked and swayed and sang to. Their music is more or less the soundtrack to my life.  Their happy songs.  Their melancholy songs.

And now they're breaking up.  After 15+ years, they're going their own way.  Tonight is effectively part of their international farewell tour.  I'm not sure I'm ready to farewell them yet. 

Who's going to provide the soundtrack to the next fifteen years of my life? 

My list of their favourite songs is long, and spans their entire back collection and their most recent album.  I've just spent ten minutes staring at the screen trying to choose which is my favourite song to embed the video for and I just can't!! These Days, or maybe Passenger, or maybe Golden Rule or My Happiness, or Sunsets any of many others!

Edit - the title was meant to be Flutterflies, not Flutterfies.  Boo me for rushing.  And getting through work?  Almost done.  Made easier by heading out for a little afternoon sunshine and sweetness.  Some Australian softdrink (Solo) and some Yankee candy (Coconut M&Ms - who knew? I've never seen them before!).  A smiley afternoon

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