Friday, 18 June 2010

In times gone by

I spent last weekend up in Leeds visiting the Grandparents and some extended family.  Seeing the grandparents is a bittersweet experience.  I love them, but they are really old (95+) and their quality of life isn’t what it once was.  Grandma can’t hear or see and her memory is going (but her ticker etc is just fine).  Granddad is mentally all there but arthritis etc and the job of looking after Grandma is tiring him out (he’s still the primary care giver although they do get a lot of home help).

During a lull in conversation (common occurrence – we have the same conversations almost every time) I started flicking through a spindle of old photos they have in their lounge.  Granddad and I went through them all before he asked that I go and get another their wedding photos from upstairs.  We ended up going through such a range of photos – them as babies, their wedding, my mum and uncle as babies, me and my cousins as babies, all sorts.  I spent a lot longer than planned there and am semi looking forward to going through some more with Granddad the next time.

I had my camera with me so took some photos of them the old photos.  It’s their wedding ones that get me – check out the pre Photoshop (heck, pre colour photos) editing their photographer has done…
IMG_0787 For the record, Grandma wore off white, not teal, and the bridesmaids all wore the same colour (but I can’t remember what it was).  They got married on the Tuesday and Granddad was back with his army unit by the Thursday (WWII was underway).

Here are some more of the old photos…

Grandma (with her older (by 6 years) sister) & Granddad as wee ones
Dressed up to go to the beach or for a walk in the park (how times/attire have changed!)
IMG_0764 IMG_0780     
Granddad in his uniform and Grandma freaking out (not sure if you were aware, but English sea side towns are unlike anywhere else – this one of Grandma was in Scarborough).

It was great to hear Grandad talk about these pics, even if he did get a little teary eyed.

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  1. It's so great that you can sit and talk with your grandpa about these photos! My grandparents all live far away from me, so I don't often get to see them unfortunately. We do have a container of old pictures at my parent's place that I love looking through and imagining the stories behind. Maybe next time I'm there, I'll have to take some pictures of them! :)