Friday, 9 July 2010

Greece Recap 3 - The Islands - Naxos, Paros & Antiparos

{warning - another long picture heavy post.  I'm home sick with a summer cold and looking these pics is making me happy though}

The islands we were heading for were the Cyclades Islands.  Our actual itinery went a little something like this:

Mykonos - Naxos - Paros (3) - Ios (2) - Santorini - Mykonos.  The boat had the issues on Paros and Ios hence a lot more time than planned and less at Santorini.  We didn't get a chance to go to Heraklia but not to worry.

Our time sailing was spent lounging on the upper (sunny) and mid (shaded) decks, reading, napping, listening to music and generally just being.  It took a little while for me to be able to relax and just sit but it was good to do it.

Our time on the islands was spent wondering the towns, getting about on quads, swimming, watersports and drinking.  There really are so too many pics from this trip but I'll try and sum it up using only a few:

Our boat, the Viking Star

Sunset the first night as we left Mykonos for Naxos

Naxos was a cute place - we ventured high up through the alleyways for an outdoor meal with amazing views.   If only I'd taken my camera ;-(

Then onto Paros.  Paros (and it's neighbouring Antiparos) is where we spent the most time.

Church near the dock on Paros

I had swam two to three times a day throughout the trip - it was bliss.  This was the first place on Paros I swam at:

Before we continued walking around to the next beach

Where there were lots of fishies in the water with us

Then we got the water taxi back to town (Parikia)

Back in town, we wandered for a bit before lunch...taking it all in (I'm sure you've all seen Greek Islands in the movies - my pics won't do them justice)



Then after discovering we weren't setting sail that afternoon, we hired some quad bikes and ventured further afield...

To Santa Maria (maybe my favourite beach of them all?  maybe to hard to choose but I did love the mountan backdrop this one had)

With more quads the next day (better faster ones) we took the ferry to Antiparos and checked out some caves (the dark and cool was a welcome relief)

We did some offroad quadding that took us down to a mostly secluded cove.  By mostly, I mean it was just us (6 of us that day) and a middle aged naked couple.  For your viewing pleasure, there are NO pics of this ;-)

A stop for lunch

And then on to more beaches...

Where we were able to do this

And this

I've not been biscuiting since I was about 15 and I'd forgotten how much I laugh during it.  Getting on those things brings on a fit of giggles like nothing else.  Going flying off them does to.  If only I could do it more often!

Back to Paros on the ferry

A quick ice-cream

and cartwheel stop

before heading back to the boat to watch the sun go down and prepare to go out and cheer on the Socceroos in their game against Serbia


{The day on Antiparos was a day we weren't mean to have had, in the sense we should have sailed elsewhere.  Whilst following the itinery would have been great, see what I mean that it's all good?  It was one of the best days in recent memory!  Caves, coves, cartwheels, sun, sand and swimming}

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  1. *sigh* All of your pictures are postcard perfect! I feel like I've just gone on a mini vacation thanks to you :)
    I hope you feel better soon.