Friday, 9 July 2010

Greece Recap 4 - The Islands - Ios

{yep, more pics.  Nearly done.  Sorry}

After cheering on the Socceroos (their first and only win in the tournament), we all got in the spirit and enjoyed the nightlife and refreshments that Parikia had to offer.  Strawberry daiquiris - good.  Long Island Ice Teas - not so good.  Free pour LIITs were nearly the end of quite a few of us.]

We woke the Thursday to find we were sailing for Ios.  After a few days on Paros, this was welcome news.  The slightly choppy seas were not so much.  The power failure (meaning no aircon in our cabins) was not so much.  I took my hat, ipod and sunscreen to the topdeck where I napped for a few hours.  Now if I just cure every hangover on a banana lounge, life would be sweet.

Ios is the party island and it didn't disappoint.  Whilst I was soft, many of the crew pulled all nighters. Our visit coincided with midsummer.  When thousands of young Swedes descend on the island for a day long party.  Let's just say the boys amongst us were in heaven.

Aside from the partying, there was swimming to be done, see kayaking and some more water sports...

Check out my jacket - this is what happens when you try and dress yourself whilst hangover.  Clips are just way too hard!

The jacket was for these
I'm in the middle on the left.  If I thought the single biscuits were fun, well these were more fun.  We were still all pretty green from the night before and morning sail, sore from the day before and in generally not that good a shape at this point.  But still, I just couldn't stop laughing...

Here's me hanging on as our worlds collide (I'd already seen the boys off)

After some lunch and some more swimming, we took a hike back into town - up and over loads of stairs, but worth it for the views we had along the way


So far from home but the eucalyptus trees were a pleasant reminder of where I'm from.

Local church and the marina by night

A really cool Island and home to my favourite bar of the trip (of which there are no photos - but it was an open air by high up the hillside with a simple asethic and tasty cold red wine).

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