Tuesday, 13 July 2010

London Love

This is meant to be the Monday post, you know, the weekend recap?  Then I got all busy at work and afterwork and time escaped me.  So here it is, late (and possible not better than never!)

I love London in the Summertime.  It’s a happy buzzy place to be with so much going on.  So much of the fun kick back type of things.  I didn’t do anything particularly standout or what not last weekend but it was fun.

Saturday night we helped warm a friends’ new apartment with a mad hat party.  Have you ever been to one before?  So much fun.  I love dress ups but they’re not for everyone.  Everyone can get on board for a hat party though.  We had flat caps, joker caps, gangster (20's style) hats, pirates hats, mini hats and many more.  Of course they all get swapped around throughout the night and the photos are quite hilarious.
Sunday was another sunny day, spent at a pub on the banks of the Thames with friends (ok, a few hours was – most was spent at home feeling sorry for myself after Saturday night). From the mad hat party on Saturday and a slow Sunday lunch by the Thames on Sunday, here are some things I learnt:

  • Strawberry daiquiris are delicious
  • Do not substitute ice cubes with frozen peas and corn when making said strawberry daiquiris.  No one is ever drunk enough for that to fly.  If you have run out of ice cubes, put the blender away and move on from daquiris.
  • If you run a restaurant, don’t wait 50 minutes for a customer to ask where their food is before telling them you don’t have it (yes, that happened on Sunday – after 50 minutes of waiting, we found out they didn’t have brownies, and only when we asked…why not just say??)
  • Soccer is for pansies.  Seriously…their reaction to the slightest of tackles?  Buck up ponies, seriously.  Buck up.
  • Sleep is wonderful.  After a picking up a bug in Greece that I haven’t quite recovered from and having a cold for the last week or so, I’ve become the Queen of sleep, and I think it is exactly what I needed.
  • The birds are freakin loud at 4am (and the sky is light...I'm too old for this!)
  • Standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus is not the same as a prostitute standing on a street corner waiting for her next client (despite me insisting it was on Saturday night…)
  • Buying dresses is fun and addictive.  I'm more a jeans & tee girl or work pants, but in the space of a few days, I bought 6 dresses.  Yeah, I needed one for a particular occaision (the 6th and final purchase) but the other 5?  Well, I just liked them.  The not necessary ones were mostly cheapish though so I don't feel too bad.  That, and I've already worn three of them.

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  1. It sounds like you had the perfect summer weekend to me! Frozen peas and corn in your daiquiris? I'll be sure to stay far, far away from that ;)
    I would love to see the dresses you picked out!