Friday, 2 July 2010

Pieces of me - July

July already!! Jeepers.  New month - new edition of this regular post,

I like: Wearing thongs (flip flops, havis, jandals, call them what you will!), summer, peach iced tea,
I don't like: Taking luggage to work in the morning on the tube.  I feel like a knob doing it as it gets crowded enough as is.

I want you to know: That I wish I could have more time - I like the things I do but I feel like I sometimes have too much on my plate and spread myself too thin.  It's often sleep and those things that are actually most important to me that suffer.

I’ve planned: To go away again this weekend, leaving from work at 4pm today, doing a England, Wales, Scotland road trip.  We've hired a minibus for it and all.  Let the good times roll.  Then I've planned some London weekends.  Need to recharge and enjoy this English summer.

I want to say to someone special: 60 Pops!! 60!!  I'll wish you a happy birthday closer to the time but wow - I think you will have a great party.

{yes, me in bathers! shock horror - but I wore them a lot last week! this is me kicking back at Santa Maria beach on Paros}

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