Thursday, 15 July 2010

Project 365 – Week 19

Remember that project I thought about doing?  Well it's still going.  The "hard goal" was to take a photo a day.  The "soft goal" was to post them weekly.  Clearly, there has been a fail on the soft front.  I'll try and get it up to date over the next few weeks and then return to once a week posting.  I'll also take some pics of the dresses I've purchased recently as asked, but I think I'll wait to the weekend when there will be some daylight around.

Week 19 was way back in May, starting on 9th May (yup, more than 2 months ago!).

9.05.2010 We stopped in Licoln for lunch on the way back from the Yorkshire Dales and then had a gander around the Cathedral.  It was well impressive, but as always, it's the stained glass windows that get me.  Parts of it date from the 1000's but most of it is 13th centruy.  
10.05.2010. Needing to stretch my legs out after walking 25miles on the weekend, I walked part home from Westminster.  Here is a view south over the Thames and one of the many many bridges that span it.

11.05.2010.  I caught my street just as the sun rays were heading behind the houses.  My street is lined with matchy matchy houses, fairly typical of a suburban London street.  Normally, it's a leafy street but they've lopped the trees.  There are many more leaves around now.

12.05.2010 - Yeah yeah, I had my head in the clouds again.  Another walk home, this time I was captivated by the sky.  Rather than the usual story book clouds I love, these reminded me of some of the impressionist paintings.

13.05.2010.  Park bench in Canary Wharf. There is a lot of public art around the Wharf, I should get out at capture more of it.

Park benches and fountain near Lambeth Palace on my walk home.  I like the hydrangea like colour they were painted, rather than the typical bottle green.

15.05.2010.  Pretty sure I've share this one with you before - Pink City. The huge pink marquee in Hyde Park ahead of the London Moonwalk.  

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  1. I love seeing all of these pictures because now I get to catch a glimpse of London through your eyes. Love!