Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Weekend wanderings...

I said last week that I loved London in the summertime and I couldn't agree with myself more!  I had a fantastic weekend playing tourist and enjoying the sunshine.  So fantastic in fact I didn't get a chance to load any pics until this morning!

An aunt was over from Australia and came to London for the day on Saturday (she's originally British and is staying in Norfolk with her sis, so London for a day is a feasible option).  Together we wandered the South Kennsington/Knightsbridge area:

Lunch at the V&A  (one of my favourite places in London)
The roof of the cafe there - if  I wasn't so hungry at the time, I could have spent the entire time looking up!  I love those lights!  They were really huge.  The pic doesn't show the scale of the place - really really high ceilings and massive lights.  They had a pianist playing as well which made for some enjoyable entertainment.

Then a quick stop at Harrod's for some supplies
True story, I'd not been here for years and years and years (like 2002).  My aunty and I travelled around England together in 1993 for a couple of months so this was a little trip down memory lane.  We wandered a bit, but who were we kidding, it is all about the food hall for us!  That place is the best sort of crazy over the top.  Given we'd just had lunch we didn't get too much, but a few things for a quick afternoon tea picnic in Hyde Park

That would be two Pimms cupcakes (Raspberry and lemon sponge with a Pimms buttercream icing),  a red velvet & peanut butter whoopie and some sparkling water (we liked the bottles).  A great tasting afternoon tea.

Before too long, it was time to return aunt to the train - via a coffee stop of course (no pics of the coffee but if in doubt whilst in London, get coffee made from Monmouth beans!. 

St Pancras is my favourite London station - it was refurbed back when they redirected the Eurostar to it.  It is gorgeous inside and out.  In the above pic, you can just see the gothic spire through the roof.

Next up was a pub walk/crawl through Hampstead Village in North London.  Such a pretty place and one I've bearly been to.  It feels a long way from central London and is well known for it's 800acre heath. 

Sunday was also glorious - boot camp in the morning, Shoredtich Festival in the afternoon (live music, sunshine, drinks, friends - a great blend).

How were your weekends?  Full of love and light?

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