Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fab Pastries – French Tart Dough

I finally did it!  The June fab pastries challenge of french tart dough got done down under.  I offered to cook some grub for the parents one of the nights I was at the farm so I made rhubarb tart.

As far as pastry go – it went ok.  Per the recipe, heating the butter and what not then adding the flour to it seemed to work well for me.  I think I’d let the dough cool next time after mixing the flour in and try rolling it out as mine was a little thick when I followed the directions.  That, and we also didn’t have a tart tin so I just used a spring form cake tin.  Together, these things mean that base was quite think and the sides super low. Not ideal but it worked well enough.

The filling was just two bunches of rhubarb stems, about a teaspoon of vanilla essence and a teaspoon or two of rhubarb.  We all love stewed rhubarb.  It was served with double cream (thick thickened cream but not the solid stuff!).  Parents were happy.  I was happy.



  1. I'm so glad that you decided to try out the tart dough :)
    Yours did turn out quite thick, but I guess it could be because of the springform pan. Mine was rather thin and I only used a pie tin.

  2. I used a tart pan and pushed the dough down really flat, but yours looked like it still tasted good!