Thursday, 5 August 2010

Greece Recap 5 - Mykonos and Santorini

This is the final recap from the Greece trip that is now 6 weeks (and 6 other countries) behind me.  It's sat in draft for a while for reasons unknown - I was just looking back and updating some tags when I realised I never did publish it!  The trip was fantastic – a really great summer holiday that I’ll long reminisce about (but yeah, no need to worry, I think I’ve done boring you with it after this post!)

After the high times of Ios we boarded a ferry to Santorini.  I must say, I had mixed emotions about this - it's the first place I use to think of when I think of the Greek Islands, but I knew our time there was to be to short to be useful.

We got to the hotel around 10pm and left at 10am.  Not really a lot of useable time!  Especially as we were staying out of town (albeit in a resort area so easy on the eye!).  We were staying in Kamari, which is the black sand beach.  As our time there was so short we got a beach front dinner, a pre breakfast sunrise swim and breakfast and not a lot else.  I’m keen to head back there, take a ferry out into the crater, see a sunset from Oia.

From Santorini, we caught the ferry back to Mykonos for our last day.  Given the island hopping started here, it was sweet to finish it here as well, and actually see some of the island.  Again, quads were the order of the day (although this time we doubled up to cut costs).

We spent the arvo exploring the beaches (mainly Platys Gialos and Paradise).  Platys Gialos is a glam beach whilst Paradise is a party beach.  Seriously.  The clubs/bars/beats are right there on the beach.  It was great to see but not really for me.

We caught a stunning sunset as we headed back to the boat to glam up for our final dinner and drinks in Mykonos Town.


Pics, going down are Platys Gialos Beach, Paradise Beach, sunsets and quads (sunset pics taken from the back of the quad - so not exactly holding still!)

Overall this was a fantastic trip, a true summer holiday.  I still think I prefer Australian beaches though (I'll take fine sand over pebbles/rocks etc any day of the week)

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