Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Home Sweet Home…

That’s London, I think.  This last week in Australia helped clarify it somewhat too.  Although I think of the trip as a quick trip home.  Home is both places really. 

Anyway, enough rambling.  Can you tell I’m tired?  I’m trying to stay up as late as possible (aiming for at least 7.30pm!!) to try and get my body clock back to UK time.  Might sound easy but after only dribs and drabs of sleep on the flight home, it isn’t.  In my favour, I don’t think a week back in Oz was long enough to really get into their time zone.

It was a wonderful trip – Dad’s surprise went down a real treat.  Everyone was standing to sing happy birthday to him during which Simon and I walked in.  He nearly collapsed (stumbled…not fainted style) and there were tears and big hugs.  It was a really super awesome night.  I managed to stay awake through it all too.

Aside from Dad’s party (which can’t be underrated), I had a really fun time with my friends and family over there.  Given I was only home for a little bit, I am so appreciative of everyone for going out of their way for catch ups.  I’m not naming names but two of my friends pulled sickies to come and play, even getting medical certificates.  Go you good things!!

Highlights were numerous – some obvious, some low key.  The look of delight, and constant cuddles and chats with Isaac, my nephew, stand out.  He’s 5 and quite the sensitive one but such a sweet sweet boy.  I stayed with him (and his Dad, my younger brother, and his sister, Imogen) most of the time.  Imogen’s going to cause her Dad a lot of grief as she get’s older – she’s already stubborn and charming and gorgeous and a performer.  Good luck Wizzy Waz!!  Some more family time at the farm with the parentals. And some touristing time with Dad in the Dandenongs.  And a wonderful dinner with my Mum's family - the first chance I'd had to see them since my uncle and cousin's death.  Despite their losses, they're a really uplifting family to be around.

I also had a lot of fun with friends – from a day in Sydney, to a day out at Hanging Rock (no picnic though – too cold, we ate a the cafe), catching the Tim Burton exhibition, movies and dinners and breakfasts and other stuff too with others.  Melbourne seriously is a wonderful city and whilst I knew this when I lived there, I don’t think I really appreciated it or took advantage of it.
 IMG_0058Melbourne – my other home city

You can be sure there will be more pics, just once I'm not so sleep deprived!

** I'm obviously well behind on reading and commenting on blogs - give me some time and I'll get right back up there soon - only 764 posts to read :-) **

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great time at home in Australia!
    It sounds like you subscribe to about as many blogs as I do...it's hard for me to take a day off without having to play quite a bit of catch up!