Thursday, 12 August 2010

How to Be Less Busy in a Busy World

Ok, this is a slightly wondering post but stay with me please. If nothing else, read the article, How to Be Less Busy in a Busy World.

Do you ever feel like there is too much going on and your spinning your wheels? I've been feeling like this recently. I keep saying Yes to things I genuinely want to do, then I feel like I have no "me" time and then I might have a minor freak out, then I usually go and say yes to some other thing I want to do. That's kind of how my life has been. Maybe since I got to London, but certainly this year. I think it comes with this job a little - I have great colleagues, really social ones and whilst I refer to them as colleagues (mainly for descriptive ease), they really are my friends. This week I have drinks for several occaisions, am having a bbq at mine on Saturday for the hordes (with my housemates, for our combined hordes) and planning on spending Sunday at the Vintage at Goodwood Festival, helping my friend, Candy Camper. I have a lot of on and feel I need to be sensible and manage my time well. Attend occaisions because I said I would (and I want to) but not stay late etc.

What would I do with the "me" time I'm constantly choosing to forgo? Update my project 365, sleep, read, put picutres in frames (that I've had a long while), clear out the closet. Basically run a defrag on my room (it's needed, trust me - I have way to much stuff in there).

Yesterday, whist spinning my wheels, I read a superb post on Apriltwoeighty that she'd sourced from mnmlist. How to be Less Busy in a Busy World. The heading got me but moreover, the article did, and I read the post several times throughout the day. How to be Less Busy in a Busy World.

After reading this post, I determined I'd go to drinks last night, but not stay late, only drink champagne (ie. not mix drinks), eat dinner (not eating it is a rookie mistake I make often) and leave at a sensible time. Know what I did instead? If you follow me on twitter, you might know I didn't do those things, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't entirely clear what I was doing as my tweets were far from coherent. I went out. We had burritos enroute from the wharf to a club in Mayfair where we went dancing all night long. I got to bed at 4.45am this morning. I got up at 6.50am this morning. So now, my wheels are spinning faster than before, I've had two hours sleep and I have a hangover that can only come from drinking champagne and a multitude of cocktails*.

How and why did I do this? I'm not sure. I think I was excited about it - the people going (there were 6 of us going, 6 really great people that have a lot of fun together very easily) and the venue. I don't set out to dance but I'm partial to it after a drink or two so the chance to go to one of the bigger named clubs (so not my usual scene - I'm a pub/bar girl) excited me also. FOMO is a condition in my social circle I think - Fear Of Missing Out and it reared it's ugly head last night. FOMO aside, we had a great night. Things came together last night and it was slightly epic, but I am surely paying the price right here right now.

Tomorrow, friends, I will say No. And I will mean it but question it, but I will say No. I need to slow down. Really, I do. Just as soon as I get through the next few weeks.

*There are some pics of the most epic cocktail from last night, the treasure chest, but really, I'm not sure it's appropriate to the what I'm really trying to say here.  The cocktails at Mahiki are all expensive but were really delish and so much care is taken in the presentation of them.  Some of this may have been lost on us.

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