Friday, 6 August 2010


I'm here with some deep deep thoughts and some hard hitting questions today. Well, kind of. There are some thoughts and questions, but it might be a stretch to consider them deep or hardhitting.  I know a few bloggers do Seven Quick Takes on a Friday, but my mind is so scattered (still blaming it jetlag but it could equally be the glass of white wine I had last night) that I can't think of more coherent thoughts than what I've got below.  I'm sharing a pic of one of the parental's cows and a pic of my home home city (Melbourne) with you to try and compensate.  Hope that is ok.

When you see a toilet lid closed on a public/work/not your house toilet, do you assume the best (it has just been cleaned) or the worst (it desperately needs to be cleaned)? I always feel like it’s a gamble, but mostly it pays off.

Do you kiss your friends on meeting/farewell? You know, the cheek kisses? I seem to do it a lot more now than I use to, but it's always just the one cheek. Well, normally. Last night I went to some drinks on a boat for young Dutch professionals here in London. It was a great night out but one thing I noticed (and liked) was the warmth they all greated each other, and me. And when they greet, they do the triple kiss, left, right, left. I got a lot of kisses last night. And had a lot of fun. (And, if you are in London - the boats permanently docked near Embankement are great for afterwork drinks. Kind of like a laid back beer garden but with stunning views of the Eye, Big Ben, St Pauls, OXO Tower etc. Well worth it)

Do you have a favourite salad that wows the crowd? I've got a few friends coming over next weekend and I need to put together some salads. No biggy but suggestions welcome for something a little different. I think a few of us might be greek saladed out so looking for new ideas. So, yes please, suggest away!

  (view from Skyhigh, Mt Dandenong.  It wasn't the clearest of winter days but I still enjoyed it).


  1. 1. I try not to think about how clean a toilet is, otherwise I'll talk myself out of going to the bathroom. If it looks visibly dirty, then I won't use it.
    2. I don't do the cheek kisses, at all. It just doesn't seem to happen here. I'll hug certain friends, but that's about it.
    3. As for salad, my favorite lately has been BBQ Chicken salad. Stephen and I have been loving it, but it's more of a full meal salad. I adapt this recipe:

  2. 1. If the seat is up in public, I assume it was just cleaned, but I use my foot to lower it anyways haha.
    2. We don't do any cheek kisses but I noticed everyone did it in New Orleans, which was really interesting.
    3. My Watermelon Feta Salad has wowed many people this summer, here is the recipe: