Monday, 27 September 2010

Another Weekend Gone

Mondays suck.  They really really do.  I can’t pretend to be quite as enthusiastic about work as I was towards the start of the year (staff changes – slightly different team – still ok, just not as fun).  But I can be enthusiastic about weekends.  If this ever stops being the case, I think I’d want to stop living.  And it's good to be enthusiastic about them - I had a quiet but great weekend here in London, brought me right out of last week's pity party* nicely.

Saturday was Grand Final Day for Aussie Rules Footy.  Time differences mean the game was on at 5am.  We watched at delayed telecast at a much more reasonable 10.30am, complete with pies and donuts as we would have had we been at the ‘G for the game.  And champagne.  So much champagne.
Sunday brought back the tourist in me.  There are so many things I want to see and do in London so slowly but surely I’m doing them.  One day I’ll head home to Melbourne and I don’t want to have regrets about not seeing some things.  One of these was to head out to Richmond Park and see the deer.  It’s the largest park in London and so open and freeing that I’m sure I’ll be heading back there.  That, and the walk from the station to the park takes you through a sweet village full of wonderful shops.
You could certainly tell Autumn was here.  The leaves, in a few short weeks, will be a mix of amazing shades.

We saw the deer – plenty of them.  Mostly red deer but a heard of fallow dear too.  I’ll be heading back to try and find the elusive views over London you can apparently see from the park too for the weather wasn’t the greatest yesterday (ie. I got saturated from the afternoon showers).  I think I might hirer a cycle next time though - this park is large!

After getting so wet and cold out, it was great to come home for a roast dinner and a glass of red.  A great weekend – how was yours?

*posting, tweeting, reading and commenting got sparse last week as I mostly inexplicably had a one person pity party most of the week.  Somewhat related to Dad going back into hospital maybe, the weather and a whole range of things.  Regardless, it's over and I'll be trying to make progress on my reader backlog this week.


  1. Wow! I love how many deer you got to see. I went to a bird sanctuary over the weekend and I got excited to see a total of 5 fawns. Haha!
    I'm glad that you're getting out of your funk. I hope you're Dad's doing well. xo