Thursday, 16 September 2010

Malteser and Chocolate Fudge cupcakes

I saw the recipe for European Mocha Fudge Cake over at Angela's place (Craving the Cupcakes) last Thursday and was determined to try it pronto.  And I did, albeit with some changes to suit.

The changes were 
  • I made 18 good sized cupcakes from the recipe, rather than 1 cake (or 2 layers) (baking time was about 18 minutes)
  • I iced them with cream cheese icing as one of the people that was going to be eating them doesn't like whipped cream (hence the lack of mocha in my title - there ended up being no coffee)
  • I substituted pecans for Maltesers (this is my normal nut substitution for sweet baking as one of my housemates is allergic to nuts).  Next time, I'd up the level of Maltesers - they were great

These cupcakes were some of the nicest I've had, rich and dense but oh so tasty...


(Dr Oetker's Chocolate Stars are my default topping for chocolate cakes)

Now, off to see what gem of a recipe is being offered up today.  What are you wanting to bake? Or eat?