Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Mavala Minsk

I feel I need to share this with you.
This is Mavala’s Minsk colour from their minis’ range.  And I love it.  It’s a deep dark bluey-gray colour.  I’ve even splashed out and put it on my nails (I bought it for my toes, and apart from this one, I’ve only ever had coloured nails on the two occasions I’ve had a manicure).  
It’s nice and opaque so you only need one coat for coverage but goes on like a dream.  Added bonus, their polishes are free of some nasty nasties (parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal).

They have a great range of colours in their mini range so I’ll be stocking up as and when.  Their mini’s are only 5ml but that suits me and my changing tastes so well.  And at £3.95 each, I think next up will be
Graphic, Glacier and Adelaide

Have you used their products before?  Any other brands you love? I’m a big fan of OPI (hello from A to Zurich) and Rimmel’s my go to everyday brand but share your secrets… (especially if you have a fondness for a great clear topcoat, given that is all I normally wear on my fingernails)

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