Monday, 20 September 2010

Muse Illumini

Last weekend was awesome.  As was this weekend.  But last weekend’s pics are on Flickr and this weekend’s are not yet.  I’ll be back with them shortly.
Last weekend involved my housemate’s 30th, a Muse gig, an art exhibition, some super delicious Vietnamese food and a random chance coffee and tea house that I think I’m in love with.

Muse are one of my favourite bands, and Starlight one of my top songs.  So when a dear friend scored some free corporate tickets on the Tuesday prior and asked me to go, I was all “hells yeah” and wow, so glad I did.  The gig was at Wembley Stadium and to see the crowd all up on their feet, jumping and arm waving in time was phenomenal. Highlights included Uprising (opener), Starlight (well, duh) and Knights of Cydonia (closing) not to mention many other gems throughout.   I was super snap happy here are just a few…
The crowd as the stadium starts filling up (it was sold out at 75,000)IMG_1957IMG_1972IMG_1983

Sunday was all a little more random.  A glorious day of random though.  It was actually marked in my diary as “random London day”, meaning I was catching up with a friend but we could decide last minute what to do. After checking out his new place (it’s sweet!), we decided to head to an exhibition, Illumini, under the Shoreditch town hall.  It was a great (free) exhibition of all sorts of art.  A lot of light installation pieces and photos, as well as costumes and textiles.  Again, some pics:


And then a drink (cider) at a sweet cool bar in the area, then some delicious Vietnamese food (noodles and pancakes) on Kingsland Road.  Vietnamese food is really popular back home but less so hear.  Whilst I don’t eat it as often now, I don’t love it any less!.  And then, just to make sure we were really stuffed, we stopped in at a really random coffee shop and tea house for some tea and Portuguese custard tarts.  This place was completely overly decorated, so much so you could barely moved, and I loved it (and will return there).  It really was the decor of a thousand grandmas.

Maybe I liked it so much because I got to drink from a pink throne?