Sunday, 12 September 2010

Project 365 – Week 20

MAY!!!! We’re still back in darn May!! I need to get this uploading aversion sorted so it’s only weekly!!!  I've also put another page up top of the blog where you can see all the pics I've uploaded thus far in this lil project of mine!!

As always - what's your favourite??  I think I like the bus best, playing with the settings.  The people climbing the poles is certainly the most random.

Starting on May 16 through May 22…
I finished!!! The moonwalk (yeah, I told you about it loads already, haven’t I?
Views of the Gherkin.  I must go and see this building a little closer, rather than just on my DLR commute.
A bus to London Bridge traversing London Bridge (whilst I play with colour accent on my camera – red works really well in London).
They painted my front door (it use to be green – but not a nice green).  I like the new colour but they did a pretty rubbish paint job.
A random performance I encountered in Canary Wharf – I was slow in getting my camera out but the band members spent a lot of time atop the poles.
Bubble pop magic.  I don’t know the story with this, but there is a wall of lights near London Bridge station that I pass reasonably often.  I’d taken some pics earlier in the week but I’d had it on colour accent still.  Loser!!
Road trip!!  Woot Woot!!  I headed to Peterborough to pick up my delightful cousin and together we headed to Leeds (the NORTH as the sign says).

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  1. The bus picture is my favorite as well, I've always wanted to play with color accenting!