Monday, 20 September 2010

Project 365 – Week 21

Party time – my project 365 is turning 21.  In Australia, turning 21 is a cause for celebration (and a big party!).  Not really any party pics this week (which is the week that began Sunday 23 May) but seven pics all the same.  Let’s look at them…

I didn’t really dig any of last week’s pics but I like most of this weeks.  Maybe the pigeon one (for it’s randomness) or the Brandenburg Gate (for the memory it evokes and just its iconic status?).  Yep – I just compared a pigeon to the gate for all the interwebs to read ;-)  Your favourite, dearly beloved readers?
A Sunday arvo painting elephant banks (they’re money boxes – mine houses random coins that aren’t pounds or Euros)
A pigeon checking out the local hula hoopers at Clapham Common during a cheeky Monday post BMF picnic.
A cycle race around the Wharf – including some Olympic medallists.  If I’d had more time, I would have like to stayed and played with my camera settings a bit more, but I was rushing off to dinner at this point.  26.05.2010
Sun glorious sun.  The mainstay of my life (and photos).  This time over the duck pond at Clapham Common (en route to BMF again…back when I went!)
Sun, still being glorious.  Maybe even more so?  From the less glorious setting of the car park outside Canada Water’s Tesco.  Yup, I took you there…
All roads don’t lead somewhere, you know?  Unless you consider the water somewhere.  This is a partially built bridge in Canary Wharf.  Back when I snapped this, it would have required some serious Keanu/Sandra action.  Now it’s a fully fledge road that leads to another road.
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. 

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