Monday, 6 September 2010

San Sebastian & Biarritz - the recap

I don't know what to say about the San Sebastian trip.  I'll do my best though.  I always thought I would like it there because I've loved my two previous trips to Spain (Madrid for a week in 2002 and Barcelona for a week over NYE 2005-06).  I was right.  I loved it.  The last weekend in August is a bank holiday in the UK so we* took advantage of this, taking the Thursday and Friday off before hand as well and chased the sun.

We chased the sun into Bilbao for sparrow's fart, Thursday.  A quick whiz around the Guggenheim there (building was cool, outside sculptures cool, art collections inside not really to my taste) and some sustenance (coffee), we took a coach to San Seb in time for some afternoon beach action.  


What followed was a few days pretty evenly split between beaching, eating and shopping.  A perfect holiday.  There was a dash of walking and a splash of sea kayaking but the main goal was just to relax.  

San Sebastian is a stunning town.  There's a bay, a surf beach, a river, mountains, an old town and many a plazas.  It was pretty constantly "pinch myself" kind of stuff.  Trying to choose my fav pics is really hard - I've included a few as collages below but right down at the bottom is a link to the pics (with captions).  

z old town

z vistas

z details

z food
(San Seb has the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants per capita in the world.  Still, we stuck to the pinxtos bars which are a bit more budget friendly!)

Biarritz is no less beautiful, only in a French way.  It's two short train rides away from San Seb and we all enjoyed that the fare is 1.55 Euro.  To take the train from Spain to France.  It's things like that I love about living in Europe.  I didn't take many pics of the town itself.  It seemed smaller than San Seb and a bit glizier/more glamorous, a more resort based town with less locals.  We had a day here (Sunday arvo, Monday til 2) and our time was spent either on the beach, in one of the many cafes, walking or watching the sunset.  Pics...

z biarritz

z sunset

*We was me, Chelsea and Dave - colleagues (and also excellent friends)
*All my pics are on Flickr but if you want captions etc, you can check out my facebook album (you shouldn't need to be logged in to see this album).  


  1. Do you think we could trade lives for a little bit? Just so I can experience one of your vacations? They always sound so amazing!
    Your picture are fabulous, like always.

  2. Haha! Living in Europe makes these trips so doable and affordable. If I was back home in Australia (and I will be one day), it would just be too hard. We booked the flights for this back in Feb when they were uber cheap and got all our accom on huge discount. I do realise how lucky I am though.

    And trading lives for a bit? Sure, I loved what little of Canada I've seen so I'm sure I'd like Calgary too