Friday, 1 October 2010

Some random

Long long work days this week brings on an almost allergic like reaction to turning on my laptop at home.  It's a shame though, as I'd much rather spend an hour on that, than 14 hours on the work one.  But, you know, I need to work hard to keep myself how I liked to be kept.

So, if long work days aren't enough colleague time, we've got a work bolwing event tonight.  Should be good fun.  I'm a terrible bowler, but  I always keep thinking my next one might just be a strike so I'm looking forward to it.  My team's name is The Bowl Movements.  Yup, we're an incredibly mature bunch of nerds are we.  As it is straight after work, I'll won't really be getting changed, so I've co-ordinated my jewellery with the shoes I'm likely to be wearing.   You like?  I'll try and get a pic but I tend to be quite camera shy around the colleagues.

28 January 2010

in going into my flickr, I remembered these two pics from two weekends ago

IMG_2144 IMG_2169

I loved that weekend.  Those Brownies are Flour Power Brownies from Borough Market (where I go to get my coffee).  The stack is about half as big (maybe less) than it would have started out.  That chandelier was part of the stunning banquet room in the Lloyds Insurance Building.  I will come back to talk about this building though - it's too good not to and was the highlight of Open House London for me. 

In other randomness - I had my first full body massage yesterday.  There was a special on at the spa at work so I got it for 50% which was great. I really enjoyed it at the time but have a bit of a stiff neck now.  Less great.  Still, the idea of pampering appeals.  This afternoon I'm just going to sit in the spa for a bit then have a sauna.  You know, get limber before bowling.  (Yep, I work long hours but there can be down time during them whilst my computer does it's thing etc).

And final randomness for today - I have second Saturday Champagne breakfast in a row this weekend.  Awesome.  Good old Collingwood and St Kilda drawing the Aussie Rules Grandfinal the other day means a replay, and a repeat.  Excellente.

What's going on in your life?  Do tell...the more random or important to you, the better.

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