Thursday, 9 September 2010

Still studying…

Study along with me, will you?  The test is tomorrow so all the thoughts and help I can get are welcomed*.

In the UK {in 2001 when the most recent census was done}, the number of young children aged under 19 is: (A) 13,000,000     (B)15,000,000     (C)17,000,000     (D) 19,000,000

The Irish Famine was in the middle of the: (A) 1820’s     (B)1830’s     (C)1840’s     (D) 1850’s

Because I’m busy studying, I haven’t made time to tell you all about my weekend.  Friday night – Sweet Charity – was great.  A bit of an adults musical that one, but I really enjoyed it.  I woke up on Friday thinking it had been a long time since I’d been to the theatre so using I looked for cheap tickets (<£15) and booked one.  ONE. Turns out flying solo isn’t bad – there are usually a few single seats around the theatre so they upgraded me to a great seat – front and centre of the dress circle. Win!

Sunday was really great too – I attended Offset Festival to help a  friend, Denise.  There’s more to her story and why I was there but I want to go into it in more detail.  The music was entertaining (anyone heard of Monotonix or Chrome Hoof? or even the genre “disco doom” in general before?).  It’s a small festival, not sure of the numbers but had reminded me of one I like back home, Meredith.  And there was crowd surfing, and moshing, and a giant inflatable slid.  Anyway, knowing there is a hardcore tent (and there was some pretty hardcore on the main stage), see if we don’t stick out on the festival’s website (2nd last one, page 4)).
Some pics from the day (from my phone – i maddeningly hadn’t charged my camera.

*It is just a test, I know.  And far more importantly, my Dad is now home at the farm and recuperating there.  We expected him to be in hospital for around 10 days so he found it hard beyond that.  He’s a brilliant man so lying in a beige box doesn’t really work for him.  Now the real test begins – can he rest at home or will he overdo it?


  1. I love your yellow tank top! Looks fantastic on you.
    Also, a candy van? That's pretty awesome. I wish I had one around me.
    I hope your Dad recuperates quickly and I hope that you pass your test. Good luck :)

  2. Thanks! I don't wear a lot of yellow so that top is my candy top. The Candy Camper is my old housemate's business. I think it's so cool what she does, and that she walked away from corporate life to do it - I want to do a whole other post on it when I get around to it.