Monday, 13 September 2010

Take me to a happy place

Update - I wrote this out on the weekend. I did end up making one of the listed recipes.  I'll be back to tell you more about it, and my super awesome fantastic varied weekend once I upload some pics.

Maybe it’s because of the change in season I’m starting to nest.  Or maybe because 26 years of September being Spring makes me want to clean but I’m having the strongest homebody feelings I’ve had for a while.  My flat is my sanctuary.  I know it sounds crazy, especially when you consider the size of it and that I share it with some others, but I’m loving being in, at home, reading, cooking, watching movies etc. 

When I did venture out the other weekend, I found myself in John Lewis department store.  I needed some new kitchen scales and my friend and I stopped by the kitchen aid appliances.  I think we were chatting about other random stuff, when we both noticed I was patting the kitchenaid stand mixer.  The salesmen also noticed, and we had a big laugh about it.  He gave me a copy of their catalogue (which my friend referred to as my very own special adult mag) to keep me pleased.

A week later (ie. this weekend), I found myself looking through the catalogue.  I want a stand mixer.  I recognise I don’t need one.  And I’m better to wait until I return to Australia to get one (save adapting cords etc, although luckily both countries are 220/240v).  But I can’t stop wanting one. 

The two colours I’m most drawn to are 5KSM150PSCB or 5KSM150PSIC.  Otherwise known as the cranberry or ice blue models:

And then I’d bake these, the next on my baking to try list:
Mmm, I’m off to salivate.  And look at my catalogue again.  What's on your to bake list...


  1. Before I got my own stand mixer, I'd always stop to pet them in the stores. I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but I just couldn't help it! Trust me, it'll be one of your best kitchen purchases ever!