Friday, 3 September 2010

This and that and this

A random Friday round up of this and that and's a paperwork based one - what fun!!

I've just done my Russian Visa Application.  I'm lucky to be on an Australian passport for this one.  Had I been on a British or US passport, I'd have to include a list of countries I'd visited in the last 10 years and the dates of those visits.  Whilst I could compile this, it would take some time.  Generally, an Australian passport is great to travel on (especially if travelling the well worn path as I do).

As good as an Aussie passport it is, I'm going to apply for a British one in the next month or so.  I've got to to take a test first, to show I understand English and the customs of the UK.  Things like 77% of people are religious but only 10% of people reguarly attend places of worship.  Things like what percentage of the population are (were, actually, it's based on 2001 census data) between 15 and 19.  Things like if I want to open a bank account, I need photo ID and a letter with my address on it.   To be truthful, I've found the chapters of the "Life in the UK" handbook that I'll be tested on dry and not relevant or interesting.  I've found the ones they don't test you on (history etc) far more interesting.  I can understand why they have such a test though, and Australia has something similar.    I'll be spending most of my spare time studying for this as my test is next Friday.  Wish me luck - it's a long time since I took a test of any sort.

I think I want to join Streetcar.  Do you drive or have a car?  Do you have something like Streetcar?  You pay a nominal joining fee and can then rent the cars (there are loads all over London, one at the end of my street) per half hour.  It will give me a little of the flexibility of having a car without all the cost and responsibility.

So woo hoo! That's where I'm at with my various bits and pieces of paperwork. Will you sleep better knowing this?

As for the weekend - I've got a few fun things on and a bit of downtime.  A good mix I think.  I'm off to see the musical Sweet Charity tonioght (hey big spender....) and shall be back to tell you all about it...


(Churros con Chocolate - a rich and indulgent Spanish treat from last weekend.  We earnt these after playing around in (and getting dumped by) the waves in San Seb.  I'll share more about the trip soon)

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  1. Good luck with the test! The thing that always gets me about these tests is that the "foreigners" have to know more about UK life and culture than the actual residents of the UK do. Silly if you ask me.