Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Do I need these shoes?

I had a super quiet three day weekend.  The highlight?  The quietness.  Other highpoints?  I found some awesome trainers.  Do I need these shoes?

How perfect would they be with jeans etc as I tear up London (and other European cities) on weekends?  Grey goes with just about everything in my wardrobe and I love the hints of colour they have.  So do I need them?

Or these ones, the other ones I thought I fell in love with?

It was more of a one night stand though.  Whilst I do like these too,  just looking at the pics again, I think I like the grey ones more.  So, do I need the grey ones?

Keeping in mind my current shoe collection includes these…

and these
and sort of these (mine are a slightly darker grey with a pale blue sole but I can’t find a pic online)
And don’t forget these (in a charcoal suede, floral free)
And if it is raining or I’m going off track, I’ll be wearing these:
So maybe I don’t need to ask if I need the grey Golas.  Maybe I just need to stand up and say “My name is Sue and I’m a grey trainer addict”*

*Grey trainer addict I maybe but not all of them are grey.  Sometimes I wear my adult sized ones of these:

Any patterns in your footwear collection you have noticed before??

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