Tuesday, 26 October 2010


It was wonderful.  It was amazing.  It was different.  It was fun.  It was everything I’d hoped for

I really loved my time in Russia.  Really loved it.  Only took 900 photos and had about 900 vodkas.  I joke. I jest.  On one of those points*. You work out which one.

I’m going to be sharing more on this for sure, for sure.  Just as soon as I sort some pics.  It’s such a fascinating place with such a large and varied history.  I’m now reading this (which I think will be the first in many I read on the history of this incredible place).

And in semi unrelated, I’m listening to this – what a beautiful beautiful song.  The lyrics are a home run.  Or would be, if I cared about baseball.  The tune is a touchdown.  Or would be, if I cared about American Football.  Anyway, it’s great – do listen if you can. (I've tried to embed it in my post but can't so you'll have to hope on over)

* Can you imagine what pics I might have taken if I had drunk 900 vodkas?

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