Thursday, 14 October 2010

I've been...

MIA is for Amir
{pics from Mag3737, Leo Reynolds and urbanmkr via Flickr}

You may or may not have noticed.  No exciting reason, the same old stuff - getting swamped at work basically.  That's the story until now.

Next?  I'm going MIA as I head off on one of the last holidays this year for me  - Russia.  I've got some time in Moscow, Pskov and then St Petersburg.  I'll be back the otherside to share it all with you.

In the meantime - stay great (and keep posting - I want to see just how high the count on my Google reader can get!)


  1. I've been missing your posts lately! I hope you have a fantastic time in Russia, I really can't wait to see your pictures when you come back :)